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The Darkness (2016): Family Values and Home Invasion Anxiety in the Modern Horror Film

One of my fellow students recently pointed out to me that seemingly the plot of all modern horror movies are about being stuck in one’s home with spooky creatures. 1,024 more words

Film Analysis

The Darkness (2016)

Early summer’s kind of a weird time of the year to release a goofy, low-rent horror. The Darkness might’ve been more at home among the year’s earlier horror cheapies like… 645 more words

Brandon Ledet

Put your Dance Shoes and Watch "Footloose"!

When Bonnie from Classic Reel Girl announced that she was hosting the Gotta Dance! Blogathon, celebrating dance in the world of cinema, I, of course, had to participate to this highly appealing event. 879 more words


Box Office Top Ten 5/24/2016

Well Internet, here we are! Our summer questions done, our movie reviews… reviewed… and things. So what say before we get whisked away by our next fun filled, sarcasm riddled, movie venture we check in with our local movie movie theaters and see where things stand in the great ladder of cinema?? 785 more words


R.I.P.D. (2013)

A police detective is betrayed and murdered by his corrupt partner and finds himself an officer of the RIPD, the police force of the afterlife charged with bringing errant evil souls to justice. 147 more words


The Darkness

If “The Darkness” taught me anything it’s that Kevin bacon can’t save everything. The film is directed by Greg McLean and stars Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell and David Mazouz. 901 more words