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Meet Chicago Youth Poet Laureate E'mon Lauren

Chicago Youth Poet Laureate E’mon Lauren joins Justin to talk about what it means to be the Chicago Youth Poet Laureate, when she was first introduced to poetry, when she decided to follow this path, the personal nature of her work, how she uses poetry to deal with serious issues in her life, where the emotion in her poetry comes from, learning to be a performer, the influence that Young Chicago Authors had on her life, continuing to look for motivation, her forthcoming book, “Commando” and being an ambassador for Chicago. 44 more words

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Chicago artist you should know: Jamila Woods

Singer, songwriter and poet Jamila Woods joins Justin to talk about her career, growing up in Beverly, being part of Young Chicago Authors, her critically acclaimed new record, “Heavn,” collaborating with other artists, being the first singer-songwriter on her label, forcing herself to get our of her comfort zone, taking on serious issues, the Chicago music community, the importance of Gallery 37 and cultivating the arts in CPS, what she learned during the process of making this record, what she finds inspiring and what she plans to do next. 29 more words

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Foreword Reviews Celebrates 15 Years of Radical Publishing from Haymarket Books

“Socialism is not a dirty word anymore and we’re happy to be a socialist publisher,” says Haymarket editor Julie Fain.

Over the last fifteen years, Haymarket Books has seen the tides of political thinking change, beginning in an era where a hint of socialism would instantly ignite rage and fear, to our current election cycle with Bernie Sanders unapologetically running for the Presidential nomination as a Democratic Socialist. 295 more words

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