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The Left Is Coming for You Next

From Kevin D. Williamson:

We think in language, and we think in stories, a fact that is appreciated most keenly not by writers or literary critics but by censors.

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The Bureaucratic Mind

From Kevin D. Williamson:

I have become over the years a connoisseur of the bureaucratic mind. I love to watch it operate, its inexorable and sometimes magnificent progress toward ends that range from trivial to malevolent.

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Kevin D. Williamson

Charles is a moron!

As one of the originators of the safe space movement, Charles hates having critics who can enter his timelines. He tells his insignificant followers to block and report a certain crew. 64 more words

Little Green Footballs

Checking our Imperial President

From Kevin D. Williamson:

As all sensible men instinctively do, I concur with John Yoo’s opinion below on the legal questions related to President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.

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Barack Obama

What is Trump Hiding?

From Kevin D. Williamson:

Donald Trump: “I’m a wildly successful businessman.”
Skeptics: “Let’s see your tax returns.”
Donald Trump: “. . .”

Donald Trump: “I was a great student at Penn.”

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Donald Trump

Obama Wants to Do Wonderful Things

…with more of your money.

From Kevin D. Williamson:

If you’re enjoying the low gasoline prices currently on offer throughout most of the country, some bad news: The Obama administration wants to levy a…

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Barack Obama

Kevin D. Williamson Can't Stop Thinking About Boys

At this point making jokes about Kevin D. Williamson being an obvious closet case is as tired and worn out as his excuses for going out to the park at midnight with a specially colored handkerchief in his back pocket. 2,302 more words