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KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON: Paul Krugman’s Pretense of Economic Knowledge

National Review — Economics may be dismal, but it’s not a science.

It is wrong to call economics “the dismal science.” Dismal, yes; science, no. Econometrics and mathematical modeling are enormously valuable, but they also contribute to the pretense of knowledge, which is a lethal intellectual epidemic to which the scientist manqués of the economics world are especially vulnerable. 212 more words


Kevin D. Williamson: 'Texas is where ISIS Wannabes Get Outgunned at An Art Gallery'

Texas is where ISIS wannabes get outgunned at an art gallery.

— Kevin D. Williamson (@KevinNR) May 4, 2015

This is Texas. We shoot back.

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A fact that the corpulent, unemployed, public assistance grubbing guitarist and his mentally challenged minions will not confront - Riot plagued Baltimore is a catastrophe entirely of the Democratic Party’s own making

Baltimore, Maryland like so many large urban areas in America, has not seen a Republican in power in decades. Baltimore has a Black mayor (that incompetent woman), a majority Black (and corrupt) police force,  and not one Republican on the City Council. 1,371 more words

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Baltimore Protests Turn Violent

Baltimore protests turn violent http://t.co/ObbccgJRmC via @JimDalrympleII@BuzzFeedNewspic.twitter.com/OccyA03uv7

— Jon Passantino (@passantino) April 26, 2015

By the time this is done, Baltimore is going to look like Baltimore.

— Kevin D. Williamson (@KevinNR) April 26, 2015

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Charles Blow: Did Rolling Stone Hurt the Quest for Justice?

New York Times: This week the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism issued its damning report about the journalistic lapses by Rolling Stone magazine when it published a salacious, and now-discredited, story about a supposed gang rape at a University of Virginia frat house. 154 more words

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