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'Toy journalist’: Politifact hack's not-so-extensive effort to contact National Review writer mercilessly mocked

@loujacobson: @KevinNR Sorry you didn't see my tweet yesterday morning…" << this convo is comedic gold XD

— Forward Observer Mag (@FWD_OBSERVER) February 25, 2015…

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Conservatives, Evolution, and “The Question”

“Do you believe in evolution?”

That’s the question GOP presidential candidates dread. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is the latest to hem and haw his way through an awkward press conference… 320 more words


Sean Davis: Language Policing Doesn't Pervert Liberalism, It Is Liberalism

Modern liberalism depends on the language police, and Jonathan Chait himself is Exhibit A.

Sean Davis writes: In a widely praised piece for New York Magazine… 536 more words


Kevin D. Williamson: Brigadier General James Taylor?

National Review: Let us call the roll of national badasses: the 75th Ranger Regiment, USMC Force Reconnaissance, the SEALS, Delta Force…James Taylor?

What sort of warriors does a weary nation facing a savage enemy turn to? 52 more words