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The National Review is another popular conservative outlet that has lots of credence and sway with republican right wingers. Recently, it has been publishing some critical pieces about the republican President Donald Trump. 1,249 more words

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What does buy local even mean?

Kevin Williamson:buy local,

One of the great enduring stupidities of modern economic life is the belief that buying American is somehow beneficial to the United States as a whole. 174 more words


[VIDEO] Reality Check: Health Care is Not a Fundamental Right 

The ‘Right’ to Health Care.

There isn’t one.

Kevin D. Williamson writes: With the American Health Care Act dominating the week’s news, one conversation has been unavoidable: Someone — someone who pays attention to public policy — will suggest that we pursue policy… 487 more words


Turn of Phrase

We should not be glib about the likely choice American voters will face in the 2016 presidential election: The Democrats are offering a corrupt, lifelong machine politician who just narrowly avoided indictment with the help of a remarkably solicitous FBI; short of a rebellion in Cleveland, the Republicans are set to offer one of that Democratic crook’s friends and financial patrons, a semiliterate aspiring strongman whose greatest contribution to public life has been a stint as a game-show host.

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1900 - Turn Of Phrase

Turn of Phrase

The country probably will muddle through, just as it usually does. Things will go on very much as they have in the past, and the things that are dramatically different will be things that we are not thinking about very much right now.

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1900 - Turn Of Phrase