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The Attraction of Idolatry

Kevin DeYoung:

We know as Christians, on an intellectual level, that we have idols—be it family, food, football or whatever. But to see the allure of idolatry can be hard for those of us in the Western world. 606 more words

Kevin DeYoung

"Hole in Our Holiness" Book Review

The Hole in Our Holiness: Filling the Gap between Gospel Passion and the Pursuit of Godliness. By Kevin DeYoung. Wheaton: Crossway, 2012. 159. Available on Amazon… 1,023 more words

Kevin DeYoung – Keep on Plodding! — Thou Art The Man

Crazy Busy Kevin DeYoung recently found time in his overloaded schedule to write a short article for the Ligonier website titled “Stop the Revolution. Join the Plodders.” (Ironical, in that just a few years ago DeYoung seemed to be encouraging revolution; but it’s all a matter of perspective- one man’s terrorist is another man’s…

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Links I liked, Sep 6 – Sep 16 (Join the Plodders, Air Force One on 9/11, College Blacklists)

1. Stop the Revolution.  Join the Plodders.

As great as it is that Bono is using his fame for some noble purpose, I just don’t believe that the happy future of the church, or the world for that matter, rests on our ability to raise up a million more Bonos (as at least one author suggests).

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Revolution or Plodders


Stop the Revolution. Join the Plodders.

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It’s sexy among young people—my generation—to talk about ditching institutional religion and starting a revolution of real Christ-followers living in real community without the confines of church. 913 more words

The Biggest Story CD/DVD

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The Biggest Story (CD…
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