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I just finished reading a great book called CRAZY BUSY by Kevin DeYoung. I find it a bit ironic and funny that I picked up this book during one the busiest seasons of the year (especially if you are a mom of school aged children!), but I think God knew I needed to read it. 835 more words

At The Crossroads

6 Reasons Why Membership Matters

Kevin DeYoung:

“Why bother with church membership?”

I’ve been asked the question before. Sometimes it’s said with genuine curiosity-“So explain to me what membership is all about.” Other times it’s said with a tinge of suspicion-“So tell me again, why do you think I should become a member?”-as if joining the church automatically signed you up to tithe by direct deposit. 1,168 more words

Kevin DeYoung

Preaching Sanctification

Today’s video comes from last years Together for the Gospel (T4G) conference, and features a really good conversation with Matt Chandler, John Piper, Kevin DeYoung, and Derek Thomas on (you guessed it) preaching sanctification (amongst a couple other things). 6 more words


Book Reviews and News

 What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality? by Kevin DeYoung. Crossway. 160 pages. 2015.

Kevin DeYoung, senior pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan, and one of the leading young voices in Reformed circles, has written a very readable book from a pastoral heart, on a hot topic in our culture today. 2,235 more words

Coram Deo

Why Not Gay Marriage--by Kevin DeYoung

As the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in DeBoer v. Snyder, it’s worth asking the question: Is there any reason a decent, rational, non-bigoted American might oppose same-sex marriage? 1,843 more words

Constitution Corner

Inerrancy, Evangelism, and Christ's Unbreakable Bible

Today’s video is an excellent sermon from Kevin DeYoung that I had the pleasure of hearing in person at T4G last year, and is about how we need to treat scripture (all of scripture) as inerrant and with the respect and authority that our Lord Jesus did. 7 more words