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Faith - Evidence - Reward

In Matthew 25:31-46, we read that when Jesus returns He will gather all the nations before Him.  He will then divide everyone into two groups (v.32).  852 more words


Sanctification. It's complicated...

A lot has been written on the sanctification debate – how do we grow in holiness – and I haven’t got anything to add. My main conclusion is simply that it’s complicated… and yet our temptation is to try and find the silver bullet, the one thing that encapsulates everything that’s important to say about Christian growth and the fight against sin. 589 more words


3 Things We Must Believe about God's Word

Kevin DeYoung:


In Psalm 119 we see at least three essential, irreducible characteristics we should believe about God’s word. 489 more words

News & Views


by Kevin DeYoung

It’s all political. All the time.

At least that’s what it feels like. Whether you voted for Trump or loathe him with every last bit of plasma in every drop of blood in your body, it seems like the promise of “moving past this contentious election season,” is not going to materialize. 858 more words

Kevin DeYoung

So...what exactly am I doing with my life?

I’ve accepted that knowing God’s will for my life isn’t that difficult. I understand that there isn’t some predetermined path I’m supposed to take and my life isn’t going to implode upon itself if I happen to make a choice that deviates from “the plan.” I’ve accepted that I have a lot of responsibility to choose what I will do with my life, and the freedom to decide what I want my aim in life to be. 1,015 more words


The Issue Beneath the Issue

On Monday my alma mater, Oklahoma Christian University, hosted author and speaker Jen Hatmaker for an event on campus.  Several months ago, the evangelical Hatmaker made news when she described homosexual relationships as “holy” in an interview, then doubled-down on that remark by revealing how her and her pastor-husband came to that conclusion.   1,278 more words

Just Do Something: Review

Author: Kevin DeYoung
Pages: 120 pages
Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: April 1, 2009
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars… 394 more words