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"...Someone Needs to Sue These Bastards." Are Evangelical Christians Reaching a Tipping Point When it Comes to Lawsuits and Legal Action?

Are evangelical Christians views on lawsuits changing? From a Gospel to Asia lawsuit to Bill Gothard lawsuit and more, have Christians reached a tipping point and are more comfortable with legal action? 2,695 more words

Evangelical Issues

Kevin DeYoung on Holiness and The World

From Kevin DeYoung’s book The Hole in Our Holiness

Many Christians have the mistaken notion that if only we were better Christians, everyone would appreciate us.

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Knowledge and Maturity

by Kevin DeYoung

All else being equal, I’d rather have a mature Christian with simple theological knowledge than an extremely knowledgeable, well-read Christian without a lot of maturity. 866 more words


questions #1 and #2

Questions #1 and #2 that Kevin DeYoung brings up are the most important and challenging questions.  Am I spending time slowly reading God’s word and memorizing Scripture?   92 more words

question #3

Kevin DeYoung’s question #3 is challenging:  Am I disciplined in my use of technology, in particular not getting distracted by emails and blogging in the evening and on my day off? 71 more words

Book Review - What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality

Kevin DeYoung’s recent book on Biblical perspectives in regards to homosexuality has been met with a great deal of fanfare from both sides of the conversation, and for good reason.  461 more words

Book Review

questions #6, #5, and #4

I am continuing to review Kevin DeYoung’s post about new year’s resolutions and evaluations.  Considering #4, “Am I going to bed on time?”, I aim for between 11:00 pm and midnight.   60 more words