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WATCH: Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook Confront Each Other On Court

FINALLY! Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook went nose-to-nose on the court Wednesday night and it was glorious.

In the third quarter of the Oklahoma City Thunder — Golden State Warriors matchup, the two crossed paths and wound up going forehead to forehead as they talked trash. 62 more words


Russell Westbrook And Kevin Durant Literally Went Head-To-Head In A Heated Exchange

Naturally, there was a great deal of anticipation about Kevin Durant’s first trip back to Oklahoma City this season, what with his ongoing icy relationship with… 241 more words


Kevin Durant smiles through heated trash talk with Russell Westbrook

The Thunder’s 108-91 win over the Warriors in Oklahoma City on Wednesday night featured lots of trash talking between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, and even though it was heated, Durant smiled through all of it. 423 more words


Kevin Durant gets friendlier reception in OKC after winning ring with Warriors

Oh how things seemed to have changed in Oklahoma City.

Remember when Kevin Durant and the Warriors showed up in OKC last season and the fans… 281 more words


Kevin Durant Is Done Trying To Convince Thunder Fans He Loved Playing In Oklahoma City

The Golden State Warriors are once again in Oklahoma City for a Wednesday night matchup with Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, and the Thunder. Despite the fact that… 392 more words


Hall of Famers joke about going up against Steph Curry and Kevin Durant

While Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and the Warriors practiced at Taffner Field House before heading off to Oklahoma City for their game against the Thunder on Wednesday, the head and assistant coach of the St. 236 more words


Kevin Durant is tired of trying to convince Thunder fans he loved being in Oklahoma City

At what point will Kevin Durant stop hearing the cupcake chants or being bombarded with tweets about Oklahoma City?

Totally unclear, but the Golden State Warriors player says he hopes it can come soon. 223 more words