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"Captain Finance": The Secret Hero Behind Marvel Studios

Here on the eve of the domestic release of Marvel Studio’s biggest triumph to date, Captain America: Civil War, a producer most people have never heard of before is stepping forward to reclaim the credit history has apparently robbed from him. 2,080 more words

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'Captain America: Civil War' Directors Joe & Anthony Russo On Their Strange Road To Marvel Mavens - Deadline Q&A

EXCLUSIVE: Captain America: Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo are the new kings of Marvel, where they follow their second film built on Chris Evans’ red, white and blue shield with back-to-back installments of… 6,985 more words


How the finer details helped bring Captain America: Civil War to the screen

Here are five more Captain America: Civil War things to consider:

1. Besides receiving great reviews world-wide, the third Captain America expects fantastic box office for its opening weekend. 299 more words


Chris Evans says he's not finished with Captain America after Civil War

LOS ANGELES — Captain America has come a long way since he thumped Adolf Hitler on the 1941 cover of his first comic book.

Graduating into the 21st century, the updated Steve Rogers patriotic superhero, as defined by Chris Evans, is now a prominent part of the Disney and Marvel Studios multi-billion-dollar cinematic empire. 541 more words


Captain America: Civil War -- a visceral character study

Marvel films used to be plain fun. That was phase one. The goofiness started disappearing as time passed and then the Russo brothers made a close to a masterpiece movie with… 586 more words

Why Captain America: Civil War could spell a bigger warning streak for the Marvel team

LOS ANGELES — Since Iron Man started the marvellous Marvel Studios’ winning streak eight years ago, Robert Downey Jr. has been privy to insider information. 700 more words