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There's No Anti-Venom For Dumb

According to The Wrap Sony is releasing a movie based on Venom–last seen in Sam Raimi’s 2007’s Spider-Man 3, which I will return to shortly–October 5th of 2018. 225 more words


Chris Evans May Be Done Playing Captain America After the Next Two ‘Avengers’ Movies

Our time with Chris Evans’ Captain America may very well be coming to an end. It seems like not too long ago Evans was mulling an offer to play the Marvel character in the still-very-young Marvel Studios lineup. 563 more words


Check Out Thor's New Cinematic Look!

Entertainment Weekly just debuted the cover (below) for their new issue, which hits stands this weekend.

The article that goes along with it talks about how Hela is released from whatever prison she’d been kept in and takes the fight to Thor, banishing him to the gladiatorial planet Sakaar, where he must go up against what sounds like an eclectic mix of baddies before coming toe-to-toe with the Hulk himself.   97 more words


Geek is the new sexy: how transmedia storytelling helped Marvel make superheroes mainstream

Written by: Alessio Casella

As little as fifteen years ago, superheroes were only for nerds. Despite their highly interconnected stories, characters and universes, comic books were generally regarded as lowbrow entertainment, being their main targets either teenagers or grown-ups deemed to be stuck in a perpetual adolescence. 326 more words


Doctor Strange World Premiere

Alert! Alert! Work Perk! Work Perk!

I absolutely love, love, love a movie premiere and occasionally (ok, maybe all of twice) I have been able to attend one. 813 more words


Here’s How Netflix Convinced Ava DuVernay to Make 13th Instead of Black Panther

In a recent interview with KCRW, Ava DuVernay explained why she chose to make a documentary for Netflix instead of taking on Black Panther, Marvel’s first black superhero film. 951 more words

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Avengers: Infinity War Production Teaser

Written by John Hussey

The Marvel Cinematic Universe started in May 2, 2008 with Iron Man and has gone on to produce Three Phases, consisting of fourteen films to date (with eight more due to come out between now and 2019), along with an original television series, … 400 more words