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Team USA Had A Million Dollar Bounty For Anyone Who Dunked On Yao Ming At The 2000 Olympics

The story of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, one that will live on for as long as basketball exists, was Vince Carter dunking over France’s Frederic Weis, a man standing 7-foot-2. 275 more words


Kevin Garnett says 2000 USA team put a $1 million 'bounty' for dunking on Yao Ming

It’s been 19 years since the 2000 Olympic USA basketball team went undefeated en route to a gold medal in Sydney, and Vince Carter’s epic dunk over French center Frederic Weis is still talked about as… 292 more words


Chris Bosh explained why he lost sleep after Kevin Garnett called him a 'momma's boy'

Kevin Garnett was a masterful trash talker during his legendary NBA career.

And apparently all it took was two words for KG to get inside Chris Bosh’s head back during their battles down low. 160 more words


Headbutts and Chalk Showers: 7 Famous Pregame Pump-Ups from Superstar Athletes

Throughout NBA history, there have been some unbelievable players, iconic performances, and even some ludicrous fines handed out. Yet, there have been some amazing things that oftentimes don’t get the attention and credit they deserve. 984 more words


I can't get enough of KG's story about dragging Austin Rivers

Kevin Garnett and TA tell the story of Austin Rivers as a junior in HS showin up to a Celtics practice and challenging KG to a game of One-on-one.

149 more words
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Kevin Garnett Told The Story Of When Austin Rivers Challenged Him To 1-On-1 While In High School

Austin Rivers was a legend as a high schooler. His mixtapes are still among the greatest high school tapes ever and he was an incredibly hyped prospect when he decided to play at Duke. 296 more words