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'One Has To Admire His Ability As A Poet' by Kevin Higgins

One Has To Admire His Ability As A Poet

“I was struck by … his courage in speaking out to defend the memory of Charles Haughey” … 394 more words

How Words Play



A sleek black fish tail dress

A blowsy red rose upon my breast

Thus attired, my flittery feet twirl the best



A glass of white wine with a peppery zest… 93 more words

"Treatise on Uselessness" by Kevin Higgins

Treatise on Uselessness

after Rosita Boland

Throughout my truly enormous life,
I’ve never found a use for

When one decides to spend the night… 400 more words


"How to Rid Yourself of Election Canvassers" by Kevin Higgins

Ask them where they stand on the urgent
need for a Greater Serbia.

Tell them nothing has been right
since the Treaty of Versailles,
for which you hold each… 386 more words