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Review: Darksaber by Kevin.J. Anderson

I know what you are thinking, ‘wait, whaaaat, Darksaber already?! No Crystal Star, Black Fleet trilogy, Children of the Jedi or any of the X-Wing books, what gives?’ I should explain. 1,170 more words


Review: Champions of the Force by Kevin J. Anderson

Here we go – Champions of the Force; the conclusion to Kevin J. Anderson’s extremely fun and exciting Jedi Academy trilogy.

So, Luke is lying in state at the Jedi Academy following his fight with Kyp Durron. 970 more words


Review: Dark Apprentice by Kevin J. Anderson

Book Two of the Jedi Academy Trilogy. First up, Kevin J. Anderson rectified The Leia Problem from the last book by giving her a decent, exciting and meaty story line. 841 more words


Rush's 2112 at 40: The Super Deluxe Edition

Rush, 2112 (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition).  2CDs, 1DVD, 3LPs, 1 vinyl single, starman turntable mat, three collector buttons, June 1976 handbill, June 1976 ticket stuff, starman sticker, LP-sized photos of the three members of Rush, LP-sized liner notes by Rob Bowman, code for digital download, cd-booklet and liner notes, vinyl single adaptor, and starman sketch.   703 more words

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Review: Jedi Search by Kevin J. Anderson

I went into this trilogy with a slight sense of trepidation – I had heard on the internet-verse that Kevin J Anderson (KJA) is quite a polarising author in the EU – either you can’t stand him or love him. 818 more words