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Weekend Coverage: Predator: Primal #2

Predator is one of my favorite alien creatures, besides the Alien (Xenomorph) of course. I remember watching the films, and seeing how terrifying this creature was. 489 more words

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Book Review - Clockwork Lives by Kevin J. Anderson & Neil Peart

Published in 2015, Clockwork Lives is a companion piece to a world inspired by a rock band’s album. Isn’t that the coolest premise for a novel you’ll ever read? 1,403 more words

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SANDWORMS OF DUNE - Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson (2007)

I think Frank Herbert’s Dune series, all six books, are straight-out genius. Sadly, he died before he wrote the 7th and final book.

His son Brian and gun for hire Kevin J. 639 more words


Enemies & Allies - A Superman/Batman Team-Up For Everyone

Looking for an alternate Batman/Superman team-up to Dawn of Justice?  Then look no further than the 2009 novel Enemies & Allies by Kevin J. Anderson.  515 more words

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Review: Tales of the Bounty Hunters

Something about bounty hunters seems to naturally fascinate people. Equally fascinating as the vigilante, and existing on the same plane of law enforcement as police, sheriffs, deputies, and other old-west versions, bounty hunters were originally simply mercenaries. 716 more words

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Review of 'Clockwork Angels' by Kevin J. Anderson

Clockwork Angels is a novel by Kevin J. Anderson based on a concept album by Canadian rock legends Rush, created primarily by their drummer Neil Peart. 767 more words


2113: Peartian Imaginings

When it comes to edifying entertainment, three things top my personal list of favorites: listening to Rush and other progressive rock; reading the works of Kevin J. 433 more words

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