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Trash Talk: PIXELS

Trash Talk sees Black Hole Cinema co-host Dan Taylor sit down and watch terrible movies so you don’t have to and then review them on… 588 more words


Pixels – Should I Watch It?

Intro to… Pixels
Pixels is a film about Adam Sandler and video games, two things that have consistently proven to not work well with movies. But under the right circumstances two negatives can create a positive. 565 more words



Pixels (2015)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

This was not as funny as I assumed it would be yet it was more entertaining :P ! Adam Sandler was actually really good in this, much better than I had anticipated, and he wasn’t constantly in your face. 136 more words


Little Boy (2015)

I was expecting to bury Little Boy in an avalanche of negativity once I found out a late plot point that made my jaw drop. This inspirational Christian independent film is set during World War II and features a pint-sized moppet, Pepper (Jakob Salvati), whose only real friend is his father (Michael Rapaport), who is now serving in the fight in the Pacific. 368 more words


Pixels: Misses Expectations – Despite Being So Low to Begin With

Occasionally Hollywood delivers a film that defies expectations in all the wrong ways. Pixels, surprisingly directed by Chris Columbus (Harry Potter 1 & 2, Home Alone… 711 more words



Pixels is another lazy, joke-less and money-grabbing Adam Sandler comedy that manages to be both boring and creepy all at once. It is a film that operates solely on the idea that nonsensically inserting retro video-games into reality is an adequate substitute for writing or humour. 345 more words

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