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Homeless woman in Abbotsford, B.C. charged after bear spray attack on cameraman caught on video

Warning: Video contains graphic language

A resident of an Abbotsford homeless camp was charged with assault with a weapon Thursday, a day after a cameraman was hit with bear spray while filming the tent village. 451 more words


Freud the Fraud

In this installment of my Culture of Critique series, I will be examining the involvement of Jewish intellectuals in the psychoanalytic movement of the early 20th century. 1,383 more words


Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald expose the preeminent Jewish role in every aspect of the Syrian Horror and the Refugee Crisis

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about the Syrian civil war and how the Zionist forces in the United States and Israel were responsible for the creation of ISIS. 140 more words

Daily News

Judarnas roll i massinvandringen

Det här är en kommentar som jag ursprungligen skrev på Morgonsurs blogg men som han valde att dölja för sina läsare. Istället för att släppa fram den och låta läsarna själva bestämma vem av oss som framförde bäst argument, så valde han att bara attackera min person och min debatteknik med en massa ad hominem-argument istället för att bemöta sakinnehållet. 921 more words


The Decline of Darwinism

Given the popularity of my Who Opened the Borders? post, I’ve decided that I will be writing a Culture of Critique series for you goys. It will be the meat and potatoes of pertinent information from the book. 1,492 more words


Interview: Star Jude Law and Director Kevin Macdonald Talk 'Black Sea' and Submarines

In acclaimed British actor Jude Law’s latest film Black Sea, the actor takes on one of his most challenging roles yet, that of a Scottish submarine captain bent on retrieving a large sum of gold buried beneath the sea. 3,483 more words