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Premature Incorporation

Kevin Starr (of Myshkin’s 8 word mission statement fame) has a very creative take on why social entrepreneurs should not start with for-profit business models. He is wary of the hybrid kind who, as we have discussed in class, struggle with mission and profit, and eventually drift into no-man’s land. 83 more words

California by Kevin Starr: The End

It feels a little strange to be reading a book about the history of California when an initiative to break up the state looks like it will make it to the 2016 ballot.   773 more words

Book Review

The 8 word mission statement

There are plenty of pages across the web that talk about Kevin Starr’s 8 word mission statement that Myshkin talked about in class.

Sharing a couple of references here: 158 more words

California by Kevin Starr--Chapter 11: An Imagined Place

Towards the end of John Schlesinger’s film version of Nathaniel West’s The Day of the Locust a group of extras dressed as Napoleonic soldiers charge up a hill, cameras rolling.   562 more words

Book Review

O Brave New World: Seeking Utopia Through Science and Technology; California by Kevin Starr chapter 10

In a book that has been very pro-California this chapter is gives the loudest cheer.

Honestly, it felt like nothing but cheering.

Though it is deserved cheering, the chapter felt weaker than previous ones for it. 242 more words

Book Review

The eight-word mission statement

Starr, K. (2012, September 18). The eight-word mission statement. Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog. Retrieved from http://www.ssireview.org/blog

Don’t settle for more.

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California by Kevin Starr: War and Peace

There were three things that struck me from this chapter on California during World War II.

The first is that there were no fatalities during the Zoot Suit Riots. 677 more words

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