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Who Here Has Heard of Jolly Rancher and DJ Short? Come On, You Can Admit It.

A couple of months ago Kevin Twomey was approached by Senior Designer Teresa Diehl of Anthem to create some imagery for Terra Tech, one of their clients who recently rolled out a new brand, … 94 more words

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Looking and listening this week

The clean up I started on the weekend continues and the space is looking a little more curated than it did last week. During the breaks in this organising frenzy I managed to find some portfolios and other things. 93 more words


The Inner Workings of Antique Calculators Dramatically Photographed by Kevin Twomey

While our modern day gadgets are certainly compact and slick, they’re also incredibly boring when compared to the intricate inner-workings of their predecessors. A small microchip now does the heavy lifting in modern day calculators. 49 more words


Kevin Twomey Photographs the inner workings of Calculators

Photographer, Kevin Twomey, is behind this photographic series titled “Calculators.” The photos show the inner working of a variety of different calculating machines. Needless to say, they seem quite intricate, but rather bulky. 27 more words


Kevin Twomey Appreciates LOW TECH.

Kevin Twomey has added to his LOW TECH series on Old Fashioned Calculating Machines and the new work is  gaining him new attention for the project.  63 more words

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Kevin Twomey Photographs the Coolest Looking Spider Ever. Just in Time for Halloween.

Recently, Kevin Twomey shot a project for the Natural History Museum of LA.  He captured images of spiders, specifically the orb-weaver and jumping spiders. The concept was to pull them outside of their environment, presenting them against an intense, simply-colored background to create a pop-art feel to the piece.  181 more words

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A Last Minute Plan Makes a Client Very Happy. And, Who Wouldn't Be With All That Chocolate?

I can’t stop looking at this latest series of images from Kevin Twomey.  And, it isn’t just because of the chocolate.  They are some of my favorite that he has created recently so I asked him to share what went into creating them.  282 more words

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