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My Poem - Kevin

Recently, I wrote my first ever poem! It’s called Kevin. Mum help me write it down. It is about a minion named Kevin. It is a hilarious poem. 25 more words

Stories & Experiences


In the past two weeks I have packed all of our stuff twice, and unpacked twice. We were two days away from Kevin being admitted into the hospital to start treatment when the doctors called me and told me that a viral infection showed up on his blood work from earlier that week. 803 more words


Busy Bee

The past couple weeks have been soooo crazy. Since we’ve got the news that Kevin should be admitted sometime in May, the appointments have kind of been non stop. 547 more words



When you hear there are treatment options for whatever you’re dealing with, it really gives you a new level of hope.

After Kevin was diagnosed our biggest concern was what life was going to look like moving forward. 667 more words


Boy Birthdays

June brings the celebration of Kevin and Rylan’s joint birthday, which is always a fun time!  Somehow the fact that they share a birthday makes the day doubly awesome. 496 more words


90 Percent

Take every film ever made and marathon them straight through. In this scenario, let’s not include the countless student films, homemade films, and YouTube fodder. Don’t worry, in this experiment, time’s frozen so it’s possible to sit through them all and there’s unlimited popcorn and Reese’s Pieces. 283 more words