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Hard-headed or Old Fashioned: Protective Hats in Baseball

It seems more and more frequently that pitchers in baseball are being struck in the head by line drives. From Brandon McCarthy last season to Carlos Carrasco of the Cleveland Indians last night, pitchers have been brutally injured by these comeback line drives, prompting some to call for protection for pitchers. 202 more words


K is for Kevlar

Kevlar. What is it? Inquiring minds want to know. Kevlar is a chemical. Maybe more like plastic on steroids? For those more chemically inquisitive, kevlar is a combination of… 97 more words

Nanofibers twisted together to create structures tougher than bullet proof vests

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas have created new structures that exploit the electromechanical properties of specific nanofibers to stretch to up to seven times their length, while remaining tougher than Kevlar. 498 more words


Kevlar Canoe Rentals

Kevlar  – yes kevlar canoes are what you want for your next BWCA wilderness canoe trip.   They are lighter on portages.  But remember that nobody ever drowns on a portage.   868 more words


H50 5.19 - Steve´s shave took forever

Pretty cool episode with lots of action. Really liking Odell now, and why can´t you recycle bulletts? ;)

Wonder if Steve will ever get any more relaxing shaves at Odell´s, after this much action :) He might change to that shop with quick 15 minutes, in and out, next time. 28 more words

Steve McGarrett


“Pada datang nggak, nih?”

“Datang dong! Masak nggak!”

“Di Jogja loh ini.”

Kevlar mengenang sepotong percakapan singkat itu dengan tersenyum kecut sambil duduk manis di meja kantornya. 2,028 more words


Wonderful New Canoe Company

Check out the Kevlar lightweight canoes from Adirondack Canoe Company in NYS