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Carbon nanotube film is stronger than kevlar and carbon fibre

Engadget reports that researchers in China have developed carbon nanotube film that  offers greater strength, flexibility and electrical conductivity than other carbon nanotube materials produced to date, as well as kevlar and carbon fibre, “making the new material ideal for use as a structural coating on vehicles and aerospace components or as next-generation electrodes.” 6 more words


Stephanie Kwolek

Stephanie Kwolek wanted to be a fashion designer but her mother told her that she would not make money in the business due to her perfectionism.   40 more words

Stephanie Kwolek

I am the Batman.

I know we talk about being like Jesus, and I am trying my best, but I think I’m more like Batman. Batman struggles with dark days and goes off of the wrong motive sometimes, and makes mistakes and lets his friends down. 1,000 more words


Give spiders nanotubes to eat -- get carbon-reinforced silk

Spider silk is one of the more extraordinary materials known to science. The protein fiber, spun by spiders to make webs, is stronger than almost anything that humans can make.

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Desperate Measures

In the end they decided,
There was no way to fight it.
And we all accepted the change.
The only way to protect them,
Was to bullet proof and escort them, 127 more words


ToughTested Jobsite: The Review

Built for noisy, demanding environments either on the job or off, the ToughTested Jobsite headphones are ideal for tradesmen, landscapers, construction, military, motorsports and other indoor/outdoor recreation or sporting events. 502 more words

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