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After following this course participants will be able to understand What skills are essential for Key Account Managers, what are the key challenges and how do the most successful companies respond to them, How can develop the kind of synergy with our key customers that will enable the seller and the buyer together to create value in the market place, etc. 190 more words

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The Taxi Taxonomy – four things to learn if you’ve only got a taxi ride to prepare

You’ve got a meeting with a prospective client and you’ve left your preparation to the last minute. What are the ESSENTIAL things to learn during your taxi ride on the way to the meeting? 325 more words

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Why KAMs are critical in today's evolving market & the tools needed to support

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The healthcare landscape continues to evolve in complexity for Life Sciences companies. 465 more words


KAM in Pharma 3.0 - The "M"

There are many different perceptions and ideas about Key Account Management  in the world of pharma. My recent posts indicated these explanatory definitions clarifying the acronym: 407 more words

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Developing the Relationship

We have seen that from the beginning, a truly successful and long-term relationship with a client really starts with the Senior Account Manager… 623 more words

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How does a Senior Account Manager bring added value to a client?

You can tell when the light is beginning to come on when this question surfaces. 411 more words

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