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KAM in Pharma 3.0 - The "M"

There are many different perceptions and ideas about Key Account Management  in the world of pharma. My recent posts indicated these explanatory definitions clarifying the acronym: 407 more words

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Developing the Relationship

We have seen that from the beginning, a truly successful and long-term relationship with a client really starts with the Senior Account Manager… 623 more words

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How does a Senior Account Manager bring added value to a client?

You can tell when the light is beginning to come on when this question surfaces. 411 more words

Things That Matter

Understanding the World of Procurement and the mind of the Professional Purchaser

Rob Maguire, Partner at Maguire Izatt, offers his thoughts around the relationship between key account managers and procurement professionals and how businesses might improve performance. 8 more words

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Improved key account management with continuous engagement

Increasing complexity and the accelerating pace of changes in global and local markets urged companies to rapidly adapt their account management to new power and demands from their customers. 598 more words

KAM-toiminnalla asiakkaan iholle

by Taru Hakanen

Avainasiakkuuspäällikkö ymmärtää asiakkaan tarpeet ja oman yrityksen tarjooman

Avainasiakkuusjohtaminen eli KAM (key account management) -toiminta on ollut jo pitkään yleinen toimintamalli yritysmaailmassa. KAM-toiminnan avulla syvennetään asiakassuhteita ja se mahdollistaa laajojen kokonaisratkaisujen myymisen ns. 333 more words

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Stress test your client strategy

Most client plans I see are tactical, short-term and myopic. They are really sales pipeline documents with coffee catch-ups tacked on. There’s often very little about… 925 more words

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