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Homosexual Heavens

I recently made a Facebook post with positive regard for America’s legalization of same-sex marriage. In the ensuing conversation someone stated that there is no such thing as homosexual marriage in Vedic culture. 379 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

The Astrological Significance of Venus

The core symbolism of Venus is that she represents the senses. As an immediate result, she represents beauty, because beauty is what the senses seek to find. 143 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

The Shortfalls of Astrological Compatibility

Recently someone sent me some doubts about the accuracy of Vedic astrological compatibility methods. Here is the essence of what he said:

Vedic astrologers usually use the asta kuta system for determining the compatibility of two people, however my experience is that it does not give us the full picture.

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Key Elements Of Astrology

Why are Daśā based on the Moon, not the Ascendant

Question: If the Ascendant is more important than the Moon or the Sun in a horoscope, then why does Dasha begin with the planetary lord of the nakshatra the Moon is placed in?

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Key Elements Of Astrology

Q&A about Nakṣatra (Fixed Stars) and Rāśī (Zodiac Signs)

Question: If the western chart/tropical shifts the zodiac back a bit do the naksatras also not change in terms of the zodiac sign they are in?

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Key Elements Of Astrology

A Simple, Effective Way to Use Zodiac Subdivisions (aṁśa)

How do we use the Zodiac Subdivisions (aṁśa) in our interpretations? Let’s start right out with an example. My ascendant is 25º Capricorn, which places it in the Leo navāṁśa. 296 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Dhruva and the Polestar

Wonderfully praised by the brilliant and resolutely determined boy, the All-Attractive, who is the devotee of his devotees, reciprocated the child’s affections and spoke.

“Royal little boy,” he said, “I know what you are striving for with all your wonderful vows, and I will grant it to you with all my blessings, though it is very rare. 833 more words

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