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3 Reasons to Study Bhagavad Gita

1. To Understand Vedic Culture…

If you want to understand Vedic culture, but don’t know how, realizing that studying the Vedas is an impossibly big and difficult ambition – then you should study the Gītā! 395 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Paloma Rodriguez Jones

My dad is writing a science fiction story, and is building one of the main characters on her astrological chart, having me interpret the details for him. 948 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac in Vedic Astrology, Part 2

Learn why there are 12 signs (rāśi) and 27 stars (nakshatra), why the nakṣatra are not permanently aligned to specific rāśi, and how Bṛhat Parāśara Hora describes all of this. 540 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Tropical & Sidereal Zodiacs in Vedic Astrology - A live Q/A

Sūrya Siddhānta


bhacakra-nābhau viṣuvad dvitiyam samasūtragam
ayana dvitayan caiva catasraḥ prathitāstutāḥ

The four all-important points are the two solstices and two equinoxes – for these are the sūtra/thread upon which the core of the ecliptic rests. 306 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Polyamory, Monogamy, Anarchy & Marriage

QUESTION: During the ancient times of Ramayan, there were singular marriage partners. By the time of Mahabharat, multiple partners were the norm like Draupadi, all Pandavas having wives apart from Draupadi, Dhritrashtra having kids from Gandhari and a maid, Vyāsa furthering the Kuru dynasty from princesses and maids, Shantanu having Satyavati and Ganga as wives, etc. 452 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Why Doesn't Krishna Marry Radha?

Marriage is not as exciting as being boyfriend and girlfriend. When you are married there are tons of responsibilities and duties. When you are boyfriend and girlfriend its just all fun, dates, playtime, etc. 400 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

"Bait & Switch" in Spiritual Groups

QUESTION: I have been told “Sanga mein hi shakti hain” (“There is no śakti without Sanga”), to make the point that I have to become a member of a bhakti organization before my bhakti-yoga would really take off and advance. 314 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology