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Is Astrology Upside Down in the Southern Hemisphere?

Here is a question I just got:

I need reassurance please that astrology is valid in southern hemisphere. In Australia the 4the of June is winter, not summer.  

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Key Elements Of Astrology

The Vedic Stars: Maghā - Afterlife, Past-life, Ancestral Inheritance

Maghā is the star of the Pitṛ, ancestral spirits who ferry us through the afterlife, on our journey from one lifetime to the next. Explaining the Pitṛ and the qualities of their star, Vic DiCara reads and explains the chapter on Maghā from his book, 27 Stars 27 Gods – available on Amazon or directly through his website: http://www.vicdicara.com.

Key Elements Of Astrology

Questions about the Houses of Astrology

What is the difference between owning a house vs. occupying a house?

The owner of the house takes care of the house. It does so using the resources of the sign and house (etc) that it occupies.

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Key Elements Of Astrology

How To: Interpreting a Planet in a House

“I have Planet A in House N… what does it mean?”

Most people approach the subject by giving a direct answer. “Oh, it means blah blah blah. 793 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Passionate Embraces! Luxury! Pleasure... and spirituality!? Aslesa Nakshatra

The star of dragons! Passionate embraces! Loyal emotion! Luxury! Pleasure! A star of nāga demons who are cunning and jealous, as well as nāga gods who are moral and spiritual! 21 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

How to Interpret Planets in the 8th House

Like every other house, planet and sign, the symbolism of the 8th House has both positive and negative possible implications. And, also like every other house, planet, and sign – the way you figure out whether to use a positive or negative implication is to figure out if the specific combination in question is mostly positive or negative. 672 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

The Star that Fulfills your Fullest Potential: Puṣya


Bṛhaspati – Guru and Priest of the gods

He dwells in the Vedic constellation of Puṣya

Symbolized by a blossoming lotus

and found by our modern star charts as a crescent of stars including aSELLus australus and a few other dim stars (and a distant galaxy) in the front of the body of the crab, cancer. 454 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology