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Some Examples of Relationship Astrology Principles

The way things align between two people describes how those two people align in their interpersonal relationship.

Having Mercury well aligned between two people, for example, signifies that these people can communicate effectively, as a result of the way they both think. 241 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Jupiter, You Fool!

Q:  My jupiter is in Capricorn. I’ve heard that it’s therefore pointless to teach me anything.

If Jupiter in Capricorn were the only thing in your chart, then you would definitely be a faithless, negative, self-serving yet self-defeating fool. 94 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Water Signs are "Brahmana"?

Q: Recently I was told that  water signs are brahmana  (intellectual) signs, fire signs are ksatriya (leadership) signs, earth signs are vaisya (economic) signs and air signs are… 390 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Vedanga Jyotisha is NOT "astrology" - sorry.

My apologies to everyone who either feels really good or impresses a lot of people by claiming that Indian Astrology (“Vedic astrology”) is legitimately “Vedic” and “spiritual” because it is part of the Veda, specifically the Vedāṅga called  447 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Charging Money for Astrology

A fellow astrologer asked:

I have heard from many that if anyone charges for an astrology consultation they will have to go through 25% of destiny of that person. 742 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Oscar Pistorius Birth Chart Essential Analysis

I am new to the story of Oscar Pistorius, but when an astrology student evaluated his horoscope as part of their lesson work, I looked him up and found him tragically fascinating. 1,240 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Nakshatra Exaltations?

Here are a few good questions (with my replies) about the relationship of the sidereal nakṣatra (Vedic fixed stars) to the tropical rāśī (zodiac signs). 596 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology