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Why is the Zodiac the Way it is? :: Episode 4 of Astro Q&A w. Vic DiCara 

Vic answers the most fundamental questions about the nature of the zodiac, showing in the process that everything makes perfect sense if the twelve signs are tropical, not sidereal. 68 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

The Truth about "Cancellation of Debilitation" (Neech Bhanga)

Vedic astrologers talk a lot about “Cancellation of Debilitation” (neech bhanga). Everyone knows from experience that a debilitation planet often doesn’t give the results anyone would expect from a debilitated planet. 291 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Astro Q&A ep 2:

Q: What’s more accurate, Vedic or Western Astrology?

The are both, essentially, the same. The main difference is that Vedic astrology retained a classical approach, while Western astrology constantly develops newer and newer theories and techniques. 846 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology

Symbolism of Mercury

Symbolism of Mercury encapsulated in about 5 minutes!

This is about Mercury in astrology – but if you want to find out about budhi (intellect), it also summarizes what Kapila teaches about budhi in the Third Canto of Bhāgavatam.

Key Elements Of Astrology

New Video Series!

I hope to do this every Wednesday. I’ll also be making it into a video and audio podcast. More info about that soon!

Key Elements Of Astrology

Symbolism of the Moon

Vic DiCara explains the symbolism of the Moon all from a single keyword: “mind.”

Key Elements Of Astrology

So Many Ways to Interpret! How to Decide?

There are so many possible ways to interpret even the simplest combination of astrological symbols! How can we decide which interpretation is best?

Well, first, you should familiarize yourself with your choices! 953 more words

Key Elements Of Astrology