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Blog Post Three - Key Message

You are acting as a public relations practitioner for (fictitious) non-profit charity “Antipodean Animal Agency”. From the details here http://www.wires.org.au/ write ONE key message.

What is the specific aspect of wildlife conservation that you want to promote in the context of this charity? 398 more words


Antipodean Animal Agency

The Key Message of Antipodean Animal Agency is, that Wildlife Conservation is a community-wide responsibility.

Nonprofit organisations make up a broad area of Public Relations work and from a PR point of view, these organisations are often represented as beacons of social responsibility, fostering goodwill (Think 2013). 345 more words


Analyzing an Audience with HP!

It’s a fact that I really love Coca-Cola. It’s also a fact that I love their campaigns because they’re always ridiculously fun, engaging, and always ahead of the curve. 551 more words

Social Media

How to Succeed in 2016 – in Thirty Seconds…

We’ve all heard the term ‘elevator pitch’ – a short, succinct and persuasive sales pitch, traditionally delivered in the space of an elevator ride. Once upon a time that was two minutes: let’s adjust for today’s lifts and say 30 seconds… 682 more words


A Lesson From The Tinder Fiasco: Calm Down, Be Ready and Move On

In the September 2015 issue of Vanity Fair an article about Tinder has sparked a reaction from the dating application’s Twitter account, which is most likely the PR person for Tinder. 410 more words

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Week 4 | Inquiry: Review and Respond to Two Pieces of Writing

Q: What do you think could be the main issues with this poorly written news story?

This week’s study guide (CQUniversity 2015, pp. 1- 3) identified the following aspects as rules for news writing: 1,041 more words