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Burying a Longbranch Winter with Birds' Hopeful songs

The fog hangs lonely over Anderson Island, while a sliver of creamsicle-tinged sky peeks through Pitt Passage.

Spring has arrived, burying winter under the hopeful songs of the robins, chickadees and red-winged blackbirds. 86 more words


Spring and Daffodils in Longbranch

When daffodils begin to peer,
With heigh! the doxy, over the dale,
Why, then comes in the sweet o’ the year;
For the red blood reigns in the winter’s pale. 191 more words


A Blackbird's Balancing Act in Longbranch

Laying in bed, we listened to the rhythm of the rain on a blustery Saturday morning.

The blackbirds’ screechy song filled the damp heavy air. It looks like it should be colder than 55 degrees. 80 more words


Rain in the Forecast for Longbranch

Birds sang happy songs outside our window this morning, while a silvery fog hid Drayton’s Passage.

It has been days since we saw the last rain. 79 more words


Another Cougar Sighting Reported on the Key Peninsula

Another possible cougar sighting was reported late Friday morning by a passing driver who said a big cat crossed the highway by the Key Peninsula Middle School. 394 more words


Mini Moon Sets, Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Longbranch

What a gorgeous start to the weekend.

I chased the setting moon all the way to the Herron Island ferry landing, as the fog began rolling in. 100 more words


Spring Forward Longbranch

No matter your position on Daylight Saving Time, it is upon us.

Set your clocks forward an hour Saturday night before going to bed. We may lose daylight first thing in the morning, but we will gain some at the end of the day. 230 more words