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A Nose for the Sun in Longbranch

The bald eagles on our bluff have been whistling non-stop since the goofy golden doodle and I went out early this morning.

It is currently 44 degrees and a bit breezy along Drayton’s Passage. 134 more words


Lucky We Live in Longbranch

The birds are singing, the sky is turning red and mist is pouring out of Amsterdam Bay.

It is a cold 35 degrees on the Key Peninsula’s eastern shore, and simply divine. 85 more words


Drunk With Sunlight at the Longbranch Marina

Drunk with sunlight on the frosty docks of the Longbranch Marina, I soaked up the sights and sounds of a nascent Sunday.

A flock of crows rumbled with a pair of bald eagles. 100 more words


Ready for Spring in Longbranch

Hummingbirds swarmed our feeder this morning, three on at times, rocking with the northerly breeze.

The sun broke through the morning clouds for a brief second, painting Drayton’s Passage with streaks of gold. 122 more words


SNAPSHOT: Sunshine through the trees in Longbranch

“What a gorgeous morning,” said my lovely bride, over coffee and toast in our sun-drenched family room.

Yes it is.

In fact, it has been a wonderful weekend in our neck of the woods. 50 more words


Blinded by the Winter Sun in Longbranch

Mama always told me not to look into the eye’s of the sun
But mama, that’s where the fun is…
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

I sure was blinded by the light this morning. 157 more words