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Taylor Shellfish oyster barge

Taylor Shellfish oyster barge, Case Inlet, Washington.


Snow finally falls over Drayton Passage

I love the snow.

The big flaky kind that lazily float down and land on your nose like a wet kiss.

Watching snow fall over conifer trees conjures up for me chapters from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House in the Big Woods” — a childhood favorite of mine read in the heat and humidity of a tropical island. 181 more words


Sun closest to Earth on this cold winter day

Frost is crawling up the cedar planks on our deck, our sun deserted us a few ticks before the 5 o’clock news yesterday, and it is downright gloomy on the second day of the year. 257 more words


Cold, clear morning in Longbranch mean icy conditions

I feared the worst on my commute this morning.

Temperatures had dropped to the low 30s overnight, and with clear skies, I knew that meant icy conditions. 130 more words


Playing in snow on the Key Peninsula

Longbranch was spared most of the snow that fell on the Key Peninsula Sunday.

Judging from posts on Facebook, the Key Center and Wright Bliss Road were the areas most affected. 315 more words


2015: Christmas morning in Longbranch

Mayo Cove was all quiet Christmas morning as a leaden sky hung heavy over Douglas firs.

A light rain fell as a winter sun broke through, painting the glassy water of the Lakebay Marina on the Key Peninsula golden for a brief minute. 109 more words


Purdy Bridge is focus of Port Orchard shutter bugs

As the heavens rumbled and a brave young sun fought to break through stubborn clouds Saturday, a handful of eager shutter bugs gathered on a muddy strip in the shadow of the Purdy Bridge. 339 more words