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Measuring Field Service Success: The Essential KPIs

  • “Overall, KPIs should be directly linked to the critical factors that drive the performance of the organization. If the metric is not directly linked to a critical organization success factor, it will probably not be worth the resources and dollar expenditures to collect and process.
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At last, a really effective method for businesses to measure their Return on Investment in PR

Having been in the Marketing/PR sector for most of my working life, it has always been difficult to give clients a really effective way to measure the success of their Marketing/PR budget. 288 more words


Improved key account management with continuous engagement

Increasing complexity and the accelerating pace of changes in global and local markets urged companies to rapidly adapt their account management to new power and demands from their customers. 598 more words

Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables

The race for renewable energy has passed a turning point. The world is now adding more capacity for renewable power each year than coal, natural gas, and oil combined. 310 more words

Sustainability And Renewable Energy

Key Performance Indicators

How do businesses measure success?  They utilize financial statements such as the income statement (sales – expenses = profit). That’s important information, but there are problems with focusing only on this data. 271 more words

Big Data: The Dawn of a New Era in Decision-Making Processes

Big data has become one of the most highly discussed topics of recent years and it’s popularity seemingly knows no boundaries. For instance, big data is behind a number of diverse initiatives such as Smart Cities, genomics, and predictive policing, to name but a few. 1,337 more words


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Leeds Beckett University Library’s usage of feedback and statistical data to develop EBSCO Discovery Service

Presenter: Julie Cleverley, Leeds Beckett University

Since our implementation of Discover (our name for EBSCO Discovery Service) user feedback, innovations in library technology and statistical data have led and guided our EDS set-up, ensuring Discover is still an accessible, effective and authoritative tool for our students and staff. 241 more words