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Key Performance Indicators - Continued

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are measurable activities that drive our financial performance.

As previously discussed, your leadership team needs to identify the appropriate Leading KPIs (foresight viewing) for you and get your employees focused on them. 163 more words

Ownership Thinking

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Moving away from vanity metrics

Marketing is commonly described as both a science and an art. Thanks to website analytics, social media metrics and the ever-increasing availability of data, nearly all our marketing efforts are measurable. 438 more words

Content Marketing

Transparent Microfinance Data is Revolutionary!

MIX, the global data hub for Microfinance Institutions

What is the significance of such a database? The key is the accessibility of data allowing for more thorough and transparent monitoring of Microfinance activities. 176 more words


Key Performance Indicators in the Middle East

Reuters (et al.) recently posted an article about the number of ISIS militants killed in the past nine months: 10,000. Perhaps ironically, this statistic put me to mind of the gains made by ISIS in recent months, which would suggest that someone in the press farm churned out a seemingly significant number to help alleviate negative press over the coalition mission in the Middle East. 544 more words

Measuring Field Service Success: The Essential KPIs

  • ÔÇťOverall, KPIs should be directly linked to the critical factors that drive the performance of the organization. If the metric is not directly linked to a critical organization success factor, it will probably not be worth the resources and dollar expenditures to collect and process.
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At last, a really effective method for businesses to measure their Return on Investment in PR

Having been in the Marketing/PR sector for most of my working life, it has always been difficult to give clients a really effective way to measure the success of their Marketing/PR budget. 288 more words


Improved key account management with continuous engagement

Increasing complexity and the accelerating pace of changes in global and local markets urged companies to rapidly adapt their account management to new power and demands from their customers. 598 more words