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Make your data work harder

Organisations have too much data. On the top of it, there is a continuous active pursuit of accumulating more and more data. On the other hand, there is constant pressure and shareholder expectations for corporate strategies that are simple, effective, and are hard nosed for long-term survival. 1,592 more words


Seven things you aren’t doing – but should be!

Why did you start your business? Usually, we hear the following:

“I could do this way better than the last Boss that I had.”

“I received a payout, and thought that it was time I went out on my own.”, and the famous: “I’ve always wanted to do it.” 852 more words

Top 6 Key Performance Indicators for Human Resources

Some people say that if something can’t be measured, it can’t be managed, and this believe applies perfectly well to human resources.

Measuring the performance of any activity within an organization is exactly what… 749 more words

Jason Hanold

Facilities Management in the U.S. - R.I.P.

Facilities Management in the U.S. – R.I.P.

If I see another article about how great facilities management professionals (FMers) are, or how misunderstood, I think my head will explode. 805 more words

LEAN, Collaborative, and Integrated Construction Delivery

LEAN, Collaborative, and Integrated Construction Delivery

The project delivery method ultimately determines the outcomes of renovation, repair, maintenance, sustainability and new construction activities more so than than any other single factor. 666 more words

The Importance of KPIs

You have a business and you want it to be successful. GREAT! But how do you measure it? Yes, it’s easy to say, oh I know what success is. 580 more words

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KPI's: eye roll.....

If you’ve been around a while in private practice whether working in one or owning one, the term KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators has come up.  486 more words

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