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Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a relatively new spin on a number of disciplines converged into one that is taking the world by storm. In fact, content marketing is comprised of disciplines such as SEO, blogging, link building, mobile, social media and paid search. 552 more words


Interview with Laurence Vanhée, Chief Happiness Officer

How did you become a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)?

I used to work as a vice president for a corporate HR company. I left the company because I struggled with a burnout for 11 months. 470 more words

Canadian fundraising benchmarks

It’s a sad fact here in Canada that we don’t have much in the way of fundraising benchmarks. We’re often forced to turn to reports out of the United States to get some idea of how our direct marketing programs are performing. 289 more words

Predictions for 2017 from performance and affiliate marketing experts

Performance marketing is a living, breathing, ever-changing thing, as anyone in the industry can tell you. Keeping up with the latest trends is an absolute must in order to stay at the top of the game, for advertisers and networks alike. 764 more words


Changing data behavior through KPIs

More and more companies are investing in data intensive programs – such as Customer Experience Management and Advanced Analytics – as they seek to use data to differentiate and achieve corporate goals such as creating new revenue streams, reducing churn or shutting down unprofitable product lines or channels. 345 more words

Data Quality

What is a Key Performance Indicator?

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) definition:  A business metric used to evaluate factors to determine the success of the key objectives of a marketing plan, event, or campaign. 265 more words


The Marketing Plan 3.0: monitoring the KPIs

Implementation entails tracking the metrics to monitor the performance of every strategy. The development of Destination Marketing 3.0 entails a progressive change in the marketing activities, which are to be deployed when the key indicators reach the established turning points, for the accuracy and reliability of these indicators is crucial to the deployment of the Marketing Plan. 355 more words

Strategy Planning & Execution