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Use French stories to teach saying how old you are

In J’ai six ans, the fourth Luc and Sophie book, Luc and Sophie are at the swimming pool. Sophie introduces herself to Nadine and they find out how old they both are. 97 more words


Use French stories to teach counting to 10

In Combien de biscuits?, the third Luc and Sophie book, Sophie is having a tea party for her dolls. Does she have enough biscuits for all her dolls? 72 more words


Using stories to teach simple French greetings

In Je m’appelle Sophie, the second Luc and Sophie book, the children go to the park with maman. Luc sees a boy playing football. They quickly find out each other’s names and start to play together. 70 more words


Learn French through stories

When Barbara Scanes, the author of Learn French with Luc et Sophie, suggested writing stories to teach French from Year 3, I wasn’t sure how it would work. 106 more words

Key Stage 2

How do you create confident Maths problem-solvers?

Designed with teachers and educational experts, MoreToMaths challenges young learners to work independently and collaboratively through a series of progressive problem-solving tasks, using LEGO bricks as the tools through which Maths exploration takes place. 41 more words

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When three scientists walk into a primary school...

Last week I had another volunteer session as a STEM Ambassador with a local primary school. I was one of three STEM Ambassadors (as well as the lovely STEM coordinator Catherine Brophy) who spoke for an hour with a variety of Key Stage 2 children (anywhere from around 7-10 years old I think) about being a scientist. 504 more words

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Yr 6 Elgin Marbles

Yr 6 have been busy learning about the Elgin Marbles (a Greek work of art). Recently, we had a debate on whether they should stay in England (In the British Museum) or go back to where they were created in Athens. 119 more words

Key Stage 2