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This is Amy she was the one who kept all the animals from other places around the world that snake there was called noodles. There was five animals the snake, the Madagascan cockroach the name was twinkle toes, the rats name was jelly and her brother was bean so two together is jellybean, the millipedes name was mily and Amy said “its legs is like a toothbrush”. 10 more words

A @ZooLabUK visit By Dan

ZooLab  visited us on Monday 17th October 2016. We saw lots of animals and insects. There

was a snake it was called Noodles.  This is Jelly a rat he has a twin brother called beans. 66 more words

Ancient Egyptians

Why we learn about the Egyptians?

Children begin to learn about the ancient Egyptians in KS2 (UK), aged 7-10. As a result of this early introduction, we all end up knowing some interesting facts about the “Egyptians” (such as the fact that they built pyramids and mummified the dead). 750 more words


How to help your child with place value - Part 1

Place value is a really important aspect of Numeracy which helps to give children a solid foundation in their understanding of number. It also really helps with their written methods and mental maths methods. 722 more words

Key Stage 2

How to help your child with mental maths – Part 1

In the new Year 6 SATS paper, children now have an arithmetic test which comprises of around 36 questions to be answered in 30 minutes. Children will start to practise these tests throughout Key Stage 2. 542 more words

Key Stage 2


So, what to say?

Who am I? What is the purpose of this blog? Of writing it?

All big questions!

Who I am is probably the least relevant of them! 378 more words

English Language

How to help your child with multiplication

There are three formal written methods for multiplication used in Key Stage 2 : grid method, short multiplication and long multiplication.

What does multiplication looks like in each year group? 341 more words

Key Stage 2