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Is reading that important????

Today saw¬†another week in the classroom, faced with the same problem. I have a select few children who are avid readers. They can’t wait to dip their head into the next book and tell me all about what the main character is doing in chapter 3. 582 more words

Help me to illustrate my next book!

Hi, I have recently launched a competition for kids 5-12 years and all the poceeds raised from it will fund books to be send to some of the most deprived schools in Africa. 78 more words

The Amulet of the Emperors

A few weeks ago, Mr Brown set all of the children a piece of homework to write and illustrate a story in their learning log. Megan M decided to type hers and stick it into her book. 1,615 more words

Year 6

Understanding Science: activities and worksheets

Some pupils can find it difficult to grasp the concepts in the primary Science Programmes of Study. They want answers to questions such as: Why is the sky blue? 248 more words

Teaching Ideas

Hold on.

Today has made me really think about the decision I made to train and become a teacher – it’s been hard work and completely unrewarding for the most part with a certain individual within the class. 403 more words

3 Days!

So, after being near enough sick with worry over not knowing if I’m going to be working this week; I’ve just had an email about 3 days working in year 5! 55 more words

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K.Rowling is recommended to readers who like adventure and mystery, also to those who like fantasy and non-fiction texts. 115 more words

What Could I Read..?