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Big Pit adventure by Josh

On the 18th of November  the whole class  went to big pit. We were testing  different drams to see if they were heavy  or light. Drams are wooden  crates which they used to pull the coal. 89 more words

Big Pit by Grace

Helena told  us that there was a girl called Henrietta who was 11 years old.

Helena  put us in to groups of 3. I was with Ffion  and Alexandra. 92 more words

Big Pit by Younis

On the 18th of November 2016 year 4 went to Big Pit. We went because we wanted to learn about the poor Victorian children who worked in the coal mine. 1,128 more words

Year 4 visit Big Pit @BigPitMuseum

On Friday Year 4 visited Big Pit. We had a wonderful time and learnt so much about working in a coal mine. Seeing the coal mine for ourselves really helped us to understand what it must have been like working there as a miner. 69 more words

Big Pit adventures by Dan

On Friday 18th November 2016 year 4  went to Big Pit to see a coalmine it was dark and damp. before we went into the coal mine. 222 more words

Big Pit visit by Faris

On Friday 18 of November 2016

My class went to Big pit. It was a long way. First we went to a room and met a lady called Helena. 330 more words


On Friday 18th November year 4 went to Big Pit and first we met a lady called Helena she told us how hard it would be if we were in Victorian age coal miners.We were in 4 groups and there were three and fours 2 were 3 and 4 after that we were going in the coal mine! 309 more words