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What is BODMAS?

What is BODMAS?

BODMAS (or sometimes BIDMAS) is a simple acronym that helps you remember the order in which to solve calculations. Sometimes calculations can get a little more complicated than 2+2! 437 more words


Learning the 7 x Table: Hacks, tips & tricks

Learning the 7 x table is vital for mathematics.

They may be a chore to learn and practice, but believe us, once learnt, they will stick you for life. 631 more words


What are Powerful Verbs? | Powerful Verbs Explained

What are Powerful Verbs?

Verbs are, very basically, doing words. They describe an action (run), a mental action (dream) or a state of being (joy). Powerful, descriptive verbs can make a huge difference in your writing. 575 more words


Granny's Groceries

Guest blog….by “Red” from Riding Wood.

School children in the New Forest are so welcoming and helpful. I’ve recently been running errands for my Granny, fetching her groceries to her cottage in the middle of the woods. 272 more words


What is Sound? | Sound Explained

What is Sound?

Quick soundbite: it’s the vibration of particles that move from where the sound was made to where you hear it (your ear), usually through the air. 396 more words


Wolf Hill is an exciting series from Roderick Hunt, illustrated by Alex Brychta, creators of the Oxford Reading Tree. It is designed to provide an easy, supportive and sustained read for those pupils who need to gain confidence and motivation in their reading.

210 more words

Free webinar – Physical French Phonics

Sue Cave will be giving a webinar on using Physical French Phonics in language learning and teaching.

The webinar is being organised by the Association of Language Learning (ALL) London Branch. 37 more words

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