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Planning is the key – unlock your potential

Everyone that’s ever written a post on social media knows how difficult it can be sometimes to know what to write. It can also be hard to know who is seeing your posts and how you should talk to those people. 775 more words

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Are Sponsors over worked and under effective?

The Institute of Project Management (Ireland)  has published a  survey is based on self-reported information from their course based on nine major position descriptions/levels in reporting the data comparing the expected number of hours to be worked based on their terms of employment and the actual number of hours typically worked. 525 more words

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Opportunity Lost

The first edition of the RICS / APM guidance note on Stakeholder Engagement is a missed opportunity. Hopefully the second edition will plug many of the glaring gaps. 315 more words

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Mind your language

Communicating ideas effectively to another person needs a common language, and a common understanding of the meaning of the symbols used in the language. While this sounds simple, language can take many forms including images, sounds and writing. 1,408 more words

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Understanding stakeholder theory

I have used the term ‘stakeholder theory’ in a couple of recent posts on this blog without taking the time to explain what it is. 1,474 more words

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The normalisation of deviant behaviours

The ‘surprise’ recorded in our local paper over the release of a Senate enquiry into the wealth management practices of the CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) is itself rather surprising.  838 more words

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Stakeholder theory - is there a place for legitimacy?

Ed Freeman, one of the people whose work had a significant influence on the development of the Stakeholder Circle® will be speaking in Melbourne tomorrow at an… 758 more words

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