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Second last class

We completed the video, “Comfort and Fear” from the series, “Canada a People’s History”.

We briefly did an overview of the timeline of Canadian identity. 77 more words

Canada: A People's History

Chapter 6 - Post War

We reviewed the main ideas of Chapter 6, and began watching the video from the Canada, A People’s History series: “Hope and Fear.”

Chapter 6 Key terms were assigned on Monday for a quiz on Monday June 11.Chapter 6 Key Terms

Canada: A People's History

Chapter 4 + 5 test

Students completed the Chapters 4 and 5 test today. I also handed out the Key terms for Chapter 6.

I also handed out an update on marks to those students who were here. 14 more words

Key Terms

May 30th class -- WW2

Our Chapters 4+5 test was postponed to Monday, June 4; however, we completed the Chapter 5 Key Terms quiz on Monday May 28.

We will have our test Monday, then we will have three days to complete our timeline assignment, and study Chapters 6, 7, and 8. 22 more words

Canada: A People's History

Hard Times, The Great Depression

This week we discussed Chapter 4, which is about the decade from 1929 to 1939. It starts with the crash of the stock exchanges around the world, and ends with the start of the Second World War. 20 more words

Key Terms

Chapter 3 - The Roaring Twenties; Test on Chapters 1-3.

We completed the last of Chapter 3, and on Wednesday, the class wrote the test for Chapters 1-3. We also completed the Chapter 3 Key Terms Quiz.

Canada: A People's History