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Kicking Back in Key West!

 Key west is a tropical paradise… You can get lost in its vibrant hues only to re invent yourself! Every day is a different day in here.

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Our Favorite Photos From One Year of Full-Time RVing

By Valerie Coffey

What does a year-plus of full-time traveling by RV around the US  get you?  10,000 pictures and video totaling 60 GB of files! 139 more words


I’ve Had Hog’s Breath! Have You?

One of Key West’s most iconic bar stops is the ominously named Hog’s Breath Saloon at 400 Front Street.

Have you ever wonder where their catch phrase came from, well here’s the answer: The logo was worked up with a local screen printer and the saying, “Hog’s breath is better than no breath at all” is a modified version of a saying the founders grandmother used to say, “Bad breath is better than no breath at all.” The rest is history. 116 more words

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Florida Key’s Historical Military Memorial

Welcome to the Florida Key’s Historical Military Memorial dedicated to this city’s role in our nations military conflicts and those who gave their lives in its defense. 186 more words

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Key West's TRUE 'Top Gun' / Kelly McGillis

From her 1986 Hollywood mega smash box-office hit movie ‘Top Gun’ staring with Tom Cruise (Maverick) to Key West’s Kelly’s Caribbean Bar/Grill & Brewery. It’s true, this bar is owned by none other than actress Kelly McGillis (Charlie). 217 more words

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See And Touch $100,000

Have you ever seen $100,000 and be able to touch every single one of them? I know where you can!

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the “No Name Pub” pizza is indeed world-class awesome but it’s NOT the #1 tourist attraction… it’s the $$$ MONEY $$$… “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” And I mean plenty of it, although no one really knows exactly how much, estimates of $100,000 or more cover every square inch of the walls & ceiling. 310 more words

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The "No Name Pub"


Wow, what a GREAT PLACE this is! You MUST put this on your list even if you only stop at 2 or 3 sights along the entire trip down the Keys… it’s that cool. 266 more words

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