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Key West: Land of Perpetual Sunshine (and lizards)...

J and I just returned from a great, fantastic, GLORIOUS trip to Key West, Florida!  It was 5 days of sunshine, time spent on the ocean, sightseeing, and reconnecting with each other after a crazy busy past few months.  676 more words


Leaving Key West

Pulling out of Key West was bittersweet. All that I had not done; all that I had not experienced fell behind me and the likelihood of my returning was waning with every mile that I rode in the opposite direction of Paradise. 870 more words


This Is Key West

I kept referring to (and still refer to) Key West as “Cuba” every time I mention it.  I’ve never been to Cuba, so I’m not sure how far away from the truth I am when comparing the two, but the Cuba of my imagination is similar to Key West for one reason or another.  500 more words

"Remember The Maine" Key West's FORGOTTEN Bronze Plaque

A plaque seen mostly by Key West’s free-roaming roosters! (photo to the left & below) The plaque is overlooked and passed by thousands upon thousands of tourists and locals alike never knowing it’s there! 130 more words

Key West

Ooops, Forgot Wife!

Got wife? If so, you better make sure she’s with you in the family camper or car before leaving a fun-filled weekend of camping! :-) Look closely at the yellow ‘Check List’ sign: Antenna Down, Steps Up, Sewer Cap On, Wife In Car! 63 more words

Key West

Welcome Riffraff!

We are quickly approaching one year since Finnegan’s closed its doors. After a year, you’d think we’d have stopped talking about it and moved on. Problem is, there’s not anywhere for us to move on to. 566 more words

Florida's Best Beachfront Bed and Breakfast Spots

May and June are great months to spend on Florida’s beaches – the water has warmed up and the summer crowds, dominated by families, have not descended upon the Sunshine State.   427 more words

Florida History