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Smart car 2012 replacement key made

Smart car 2012 replacement key made

Smart car 2012 replacement key made on site with so much snow around. Dealer said 2 weeks waiting time. 48 more words

Auto Locksmith

Made With Love.

A tiny little trinket with infinite value and you lost the tiny little key, didn’t you?

A Trigger For Your Thoughts

Key Magick

“The key to happiness…”

A key can both unlock and lock, at the same time giving access to that which was previously hidden and setting boundaries or limits. 1,395 more words


Patience is KEY

If you know me personally, then you’ll know that I’m the most impatient person on Earth. Just hearing someone utter the words “wait” or “ 454 more words

We’re on Another Mentality: Tertiary Tonal Relationships and Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry”

In which, from beyond the grave, the composers of Romantic Era Art Music applaud Ariana Grande.

To my dear reader,

As much as I adore most of Ariana Grande’s music, I’m not a huge fan of “No Tears Left to Cry”. 382 more words



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