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The Keeper of Memories and Me

A man sits relaxed at a desk with a key, 
But what that key controls is no mystery, 
People will travel across the land, 
Just to use the key placed in this man's hand.  188 more words

Exercise 5.6: Mozart's sonata No 15 K 545

W. A. Mozart: Sonata No 15 in C major K 545

Checklist for the development section.

Highlight the following on the score of the first movement: 300 more words


A New Year

A new year has arrived

but the same old issues remain.

Nothing has changed for you

it’s just another link in the chain

that ties you down… 69 more words


Caged and Still

I sit and stare at metal bars
Silent and still, my heart aches
Escape was a dream, a tide gone out
Surging back sometimes, always retreating… 57 more words


Sharp Learning

“The key to keeping your mind sharp is learning.” -David Eifrig

Thought For The Day


There are no things like lost when failure is not a full stop.

Be patient.You might have to wait like a lot until you’re able to fulfill your dream. 35 more words

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Music and intelligence

Brain scanning technologies have permitted neuroscientists to observe the activity of living brains, and the results are clear:

Musicians are different.

For instance, in one study, people who played musical instruments as children showed more robust brainstem responses to sound than did non-musicians (Skoe and Kraus 2012). 202 more words

Ambient Soundtracks