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Key board loggers - why not? Conceptually they can be made secure.

Every now and then, comes a time when you want to tear your hair off because you typed (and clicked) on a bunch of info into a form and now you don’t have access to it. 145 more words


The powers of the software keylogger

If you’d like to have a program which not only stores passwords from some of the most famous web browsers, but can also monitor the activity that happens on the computer, then you need to get Desktopshark’s software keylogger. 511 more words


Unveil the true potential of the software keylogger

A software keylogger is not always a program that just waits for the user to enter some password and save it. A software keylogger has greater potential than that. 496 more words


Different Desktopshark uses

In our life nobody is secure. Everybody is spied on, either in real life, or in the internet, where we spend most of our days working or looking at social networks. 517 more words


Desktop Shark Software Keylogger

Desktop Shark keylogger and PC surveillance software takes yet another  step higher as it offers its services to ALL civilian users. It offers its services as one of the best keyloggers and remote monitoring tools on the web. 161 more words