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Usefull Windows Keyboard Shortcuts


Today i m gonna tell you aboit some usefull shorcuts for Windows .

These shortcuts are very usefull and can be helpfull for evryone using… 278 more words

Keyboard Shortcut

VsVim - niekorzystanie ze strzałek

VsVim i jego vimowe podejście doskonale się sprawdza jeśli chodzi o operacje na “kodzie”. Przesuwanie, podmienianie, nawigacja – wszystko to bez użycia strzałek. Jednak jedno z narzekań jakie czasem słyszę to fakt, że ze strzałek trzeba korzystać gdy trzeba coś wybierać z menu kontekstowych lub z Resharperowych okienek. 103 more words


Mac Shortcuts & Tips

Just got a Macbook Pro recently and I was confused on how to do the simplest things… so, I am sharing my findings here. For the Mac users here, feel free to comment with more shortcuts and tips that are useful. 190 more words

Life Hacks

How to open Whisker Menu with Win key

Whisker Menu in XFCE is the equivalent of the Start menu in Windows. You get it by clicking the mouse icon in the top-left corner. 68 more words

Why Type when you don't have to

Being someone in the computer training industry for over two decades, I have discovered many short-cuts and of course have learned how to use most programs to a very proficient level. 254 more words

Computer Tip

Keyboard Short-cuts aren't dead

There are lots of keyboard short-cuts out there & what I am about to share are just some of my favorites.  Just the other day in a class I was sharing a short-cut and the students asked for more, so I guess keyboard short-cuts aren’t dead … 296 more words


How to Dock Windows Left & Right using Multiple Monitors

Here’s a quick tip that one of my colleagues showed my this week that makes working with multiple monitors a lot easier. Thanks to @FreeRangeEggs… 164 more words

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