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Change AutoCAD Default Shortcuts

The Keyboard Shortcuts in AutoCAD which are assigned by default need to be changed sometimes for personal favorite commands. For example, I needed to change the COPY command to ‘C’ and CIRCLE command to ‘CR’, as I use COPY very often and more than CIRCLE. 40 more words


BetterTouchTool to set up Keyboard Shortcuts (Switch PC->MAC)

Maybe one of the worst penitences when switching from PC to Mac is about Keyboard shortcuts, especially when you are using a PC keyboard to avoid to avoid that cheesymagic keyboard. 249 more words

Move cells with data to the top

Did you spend too much time to move cells so that there are no blank cells in each column?

Again, a picture tells thousand words.  Here’s the task… 166 more words

Excel Tips

Visual Studio Code Keyboard Shortcuts

I am finding Visual Studio Code to be very useful as a light IDE and editor for C++ and Python code on Linux.

Some keyboard shortcuts that I find useful: 255 more words


Mouse not working properly? Have a laptop, and can not control with trackpad? Feedup with two hand control ?  All you need is just to try the shortcut and boom, life seems to be in the best place! 404 more words

Good To Know

Open sesame with Alt+↓

Alt+ is absolutely one of my frequently used shortcuts when using Excel.

What it does?  “Open sesame” under four common circumstances. :)

When you are at the bottom of a column… 140 more words


unicode shortcuts on mac

Unicode shortcuts are one of the handier features that I found when I started using a Mac. It means that I am able to type a degree symbol ° without dicking around in Character Map, or copy pasting from Wikipedia. 470 more words