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How to Apply Currency Formatting in Excel Spreadsheet and Google Sheet

Another  Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcut :

To apply Currency Formatting, here is time-saving  Keyboard Shortcut to apply Currency Format on Current Cell or Selected Cells  107 more words

Keyboard Shortcut

How to Apply Number Formatting in Excel and Google Sheet - Keyboard Shortcut

Another Number Formatting Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcut :

To apply Number Formatting, here is time-saving  Keyboard Shortcut to apply Number Format on Current Cell or… 99 more words

Keyboard Shortcut

How to Apply General Formatting in Excel - Keyboard Shortcut

The Number Format called “General”. The General Format is Excel’s default format for all cells. In a new worksheet, all cells have this format.

To apply… 110 more words

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Alphabetical Keyboard Characters in OS X

If you, like me, use the weird symbols on your keyboard to help you sort files in the Finder, then you’ll be happy to find that I went through the trouble of not only naming a folder full of folders with top-row keyboard characters so you can see exactly how they sort, and then naming those folders so you know what key commands will produce them, but I also… 35 more words


How to Select Current Column in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet!

Another super easy Keyboard Shortcut to Select Current Column in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet try yourself with both Spreadsheet programs and also try in whatever  86 more words

Keyboard Shortcut

Quick Current Date in Microsoft Excel!

Whenever you need to insert Current Date in your Microsoft Excel Current Cell, then try this Keyboard Shortcut and you will be amazed that… 18 more words

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Toggle Formatting Strikethrough in Microsoft Excel Selected Cell and Text!

You want format your text or cell / cells with Strikethrough here is a Awesome Keyboard Shortcut to Toggle Formatting Strikethrough. 

Be Awesome in Microsoft Excel with time-saving keyboard shortcuts!

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