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unicode shortcuts on mac

Unicode shortcuts are one of the handier features that I found when I started using a Mac. It means that I am able to type a degree symbol ° without dicking around in Character Map, or copy pasting from Wikipedia. 470 more words


Page Right and Page Left... why no such keys?

As an Excel user, have you ever wondered why there are Page Up and Page Down keys on keyboard, but not Page Right and Page Left keys?   191 more words

Excel Tips

Below are the top 10 keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity, reduce repetitive strain, and help keep you focused. For example, to copy text, you can highlight text and press the Ctrl + C shortcut. 725 more words

Fine tune volume (and brightness)

Apple computers have dedicated keyboard buttons for volume and display brightness adjustment. If you also press Shift+Option (alt) you’ll be able to fine tune both as shown in the video below.


Keyboard Shortcuts Visual Studio #1

#1 : Show Smart Tags

Example: for adding the needed namespace

Ctrl + .

How to switch between windows in MATLAB

MATLAB has keyboard shortcuts to switch to any of the different types of windows it displays. These shortcuts are hard-coded and cannot be configured or changed from the Preferences. 39 more words

Byobu keyboard shortcut not working


Byobu has support for a long list of keyboard shortcuts. The full list of keybindings can be found listed in /usr/share/byobu/keybindings/f-keys.tmux. However, you may find that one or more of those do not work. 206 more words