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Usefull Windows Keyboard Shortcuts


Today i m gonna tell you aboit some usefull shorcuts for Windows .

These shortcuts are very usefull and can be helpfull for evryone using… 278 more words

Keyboard Shortcut

How to navigate through open windows using keyboard

As a multi-tasker you  probably have 5 windows open on your desktop. I mean isn’t that what computers are for? Doing several things at a go without the pressure of brain damage. 269 more words

Keyboard Shortcuts

Top 10 Most Used Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Memorize

Working with keyboard shortcuts will drastically enhance your work flow, minimize repeated strain, and enable you to keep concentrated. For instance, to copy written text, you are able to focus on text and push the Ctrl + C on your keyboard. 683 more words

Keyboard Shortcuts

Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcuts

To Perform Basic File Management Operations :

1. To Create a New Document : Ctrl + N
2. To Save Current Document : Ctrl + S… 609 more words

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How to turn on, and customize PRIV keyboard shortcuts

Did you know that you can use the PRIV physical keyboard keys as shortcut keys while viewing your home screen?

Through a combination of short press and long press keyboard shortcuts you can create up to 52 keyboard shortcuts that can help you access just about anything on your device. 757 more words


Things: Faux running to-dos

I was working on a to-do in Things that I didn’t finish today, but wanted to make sure it was:

  • Noted in the Logbook when my completed to-dos are archived at the end of the day, …
  • 143 more words

Quick tip to make copied text match the format of the rest of the text

Do you ever copy and paste text from one place to another and find the formatting doesn’t match? Here’s a quick keyboard shortcut to make the copied text match the format of the rest of the document. 93 more words

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