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Custom Cell Formatting - My Data Wants Colour!

New Keyboard Shortcut:

Ctrl + 1 – Quickly access the custom cell formatting display.

The standard format for excel’s numbers are ‘General’ which means there is no specific number format. 302 more words


Keyboard Shortcuts Part 2: SQL Prompt

SQL Prompt is a third-party addin from Redgate that enriches the SSMS experience with features such as code completion and code formatting. Check out these   197 more words

SQL Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts Part 1: Text Manipulation

These are some of my favourite, perhaps more obscure, keyboard shortcuts for manipulating text within SSMS.

Highlight Whole Line: Shift+Home/End

Then hold Shift+Home+Up/Down to highlight lines above or below. 85 more words

SQL Keyboard Shortcuts

Lock It Up

One of the biggest mistakes I see too many people, not just educators, make is not protecting themselves. In a day and age when we are so aware and careful in regards to hacking, malware, and the like, how are we still so lax when it comes to our local machines? 152 more words

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts! for Outlook

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook everyday like I do; I bet you wonder sometimes, if there are shortcuts and ways to make some of the functions simpler. 227 more words


23 Must-Try Keyboard Shortcuts for Accountants

Left Ctrl + :

Ctrl + Tab – Try flicking through different excel files by using ctrl + tab to cycle through each one.

Ctrl + ~ – Try seeing all formulas that make up all cell values on a page. 397 more words


Around the Office in 365 Days: Day 45 – The AMAZING Windows Button

#Office365Challenge – I love and use the Windows Button on my keyboard SO much, that I have a tattoo of it. Ok, I’m kidding – but I could – and that would be totally cool!! 850 more words

Office 365