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Selecting all the content in your Excel spreadsheet

Not being an Excel guru, I tend to do things manually instead of using features that can make things a LOT faster… such as selecting all the data in an Excel spreadsheet. 124 more words


Brackets - Keyboard Shortcuts

So these are some keyboard short cuts I have learned that are very helpful.  I have only tried them on Brackets, so I don’t know if they work on other programs.  146 more words

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Default keyboard shortcuts | Illustrator CC

Illustrator provides many shortcuts to help you get work done faster. Many keyboard shortcuts appear when you hover over icons in the command menu.

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Absolute and relative cell references

Cell referencing is something lots of people are familiar with, without actually realising that it has a fancy name. Any time you refer to a cell in a formula or function, you’re using cell referencing. 970 more words


More about Functions

Having looked at a few basic functions in the last post, and learnt a little bit more about how we can extend them from the basic single range input, we’ll now start to have a look under the bonnet of this valuable set of Excel tools. 1,022 more words


Useful Files

You may find the following files useful. They’re all in pdf format.

  1. Dictionary of Excel terminology and explanations of Error Codes – don’t know your range from your value?
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27 most important keyboard shortcuts on Mac

New to mac ?? Are you confused with the ‘Command’ and ‘CTRL’ on Mac OS and wondering about the keyboard shortcuts on mac ? Then keep reading. 321 more words