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Old-school mouse maker Logitech has quietly become an edgy e-sports brand

Lisbon, Portugal

Logitech has sold more keyboards and mice over its 36-year-history than any other company, but a lot of those hardly got a second thought, connected to boring beige boxes in countless offices and homes. 1,943 more words

WASD Keyboard

For a long time i read about mechanical keyboards and how they are better, last longer, easy to repair and feel better, i thought i’ll give them a shot, and i’m glad i did. 279 more words

Novation Impulse 25 Usb Midi Controller Keyboard, 25 Keys

Novation Impulse 25 Usb Midi Controller Keyboard, 25 Keys
Item DescriptionNovation’s Impulse Is A Range Of Professional USB/MIDI Controllers. They Each Have A Precision Keyboard And A Full Control Surface Powered By A Brand New Version Of Novation’s Automap Control Software – Automap 4 (which Makes Getting Hands-on With Your DAW/plug-ins Fast And Simple). 182 more words


A Passion for the Best is in Mechanical Keyboards

There is an entire subculture of people fascinated by computer keyboards. While the majority of the population is content with whatever keyboard came with their computer or is supplied by their employer — usually the bottom basement squishy membrane keyboards — there are a small group of keyboard enthusiasts diving into custom keycaps, switch mods, diode matrices, and full-blown ground-up creations. 637 more words

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Keyboard Shortcuts for macOS

Text Navigation, Selection, and Editing

  1. Home / End: Command ( ⌘ ) + up arrow / down arrow
  2. Page up / down: Option ( ⌥ ) + up arrow / down arrow…
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Rosewill K85 and M53 - Excellent For Gaming | RGB Power Couple

A seriously sweet combo for gaming. High quality on almost all ends for both the keyboard and mouse. Both the K85 keyboard and M53 mouse are incredible for gaming. 1,707 more words


Ten Years of Rock Band Memories

It has been ten years since the release of Rock Band on November 20, 2007.  I remember stores being sold out of the game for months.  698 more words