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Oglio Virtual Keyboard

Oglio Virtual Keyboard

Revolutionary laser technology projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface. Advanced optics tracks your finger strokes. Connect via Bluetooth wireless technology… 116 more words

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His and Hers Tablets - Road Warrior Mode

Due to the recent loss of my Nexus 7, I’ve reunited myself with the Transformer TF101 and as it so happens, there is still some surprising development being afforded to 10-inch tablets as far as apps go – as an example, the Facebook interface, on its most recent iteration, appears similarly to an older desktop layout with two columns: one of which (smaller column, right) shows specifically birthdays and events while the other (larger column, left) displays the timeline that you’d normally see. 400 more words


Looking up

Is he looking at the B-2A on top of the screen or the screen itself? I know he doesn’t know how to use the computer, he’s only 3 years old :)



Computers are things made by people to help them do boring things like adding up big numbers or making sure that street lights work even at night. 808 more words


Why I Vote GIF

To communicate with computers, keyboards are kick-ass; we’ve pretty much figured that out. But, to communicate with humans, keyboards … maybe they’re not so good. Humans have all of these incredible emotions, and it can be tough trying to squeeze all of the feelings through a Qwerty. 905 more words


On Keyboards, the Writer's Brush

Yes indeed, writers paint with words, and the keyboard is the brush upon a word-processor canvas.

The most writing I’ve ever accomplished (consistently) was on a domed  603 more words