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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 444: Distracted Rambling

There’s some subtle sounds playing around in my ears and of course I’m faffing about at the moment.

I just wasted a fair bit of time and just realised which then prompted me to ask “What am I doing?”. 507 more words


Soft touch Hard touch

Soft touch ‘people feel so good with just a soft touch’

Hard touch ‘relax.. the world needs stress busters and whenever we see someone angrily hitting at keyboard.. 61 more words

A few useful keybindings for Window Manager in Xfce

xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts /xfwm4/custom/Down             tile_down_left_key
xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts /xfwm4/custom/Left             tile_up_left_key
xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts /xfwm4/custom/Right            tile_down_right_key
xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts /xfwm4/custom/Up               tile_up_right_key
xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts /xfwm4/custom/Down                  tile_down_key
xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts /xfwm4/custom/Left                  tile_left_key
xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts /xfwm4/custom/Right                 tile_right_key
xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts /xfwm4/custom/Up                    tile_up_key

I found that by having these values, I can use the keyboard to control the window placement with almost identical functionality as Cinnamon. 43 more words