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Problems Arise with Keyboards. Is the Problem Really the Keyboard or the Keyboardee...or is it the Keyboarder? See There, Mention a Keyboard and You Automatically Have Additional Problems.

When you write do you ever notice unusual things that appear within your sentences, such as a mistake that just materializes? Not the usual error, but something that brings to mind the possibility of a possessed hard drive. 199 more words

On Writing

About the Computer Keyboard.

1. Definition of Computer Keyboard.

This is an input device that is used to send data to computer memory.

Sketch of a Keyboard

1.1 Types of Keyboard. 311 more words

Alphabetic Keys

Daily Warm Ups

Daily Warm Ups provide you with a chance to warm up for daily typing and computer activities. You will complete this warm up upon entering the classroom each day.   15 more words


Keyboarding Practice

Looking to fine tune your keyboarding skills?  There are several FREE options online that allow you to hone your keyboarding skills.  Visit the websites below to find the option that best fits your needs.

Typing Club


Easy Type


Printing, cursive writing and keystroking

Is there a best sequence in which to learn printing, cursive writing and key stroking?  Yes, according to research.

  • First children should learn to print letters, using either a pen or pencil, from toddler years through second grade.
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Common Core Standards

Krazy Keys - RMD


The Cursive Handwriting Debate is Not Over—Not Yet!

Yesterday I received two handwritten missives in my mail, both written in cursive. One was from my doctor, explaining the results of recent routine blood tests and wishing me a pleasant weekend. 366 more words