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Kannanic "Bossi" PBT Keycaps:

There are a lot of great mechanical keyboards available in the market today. Many of them come with backlighting as a feature. This means that, in order to take advantage of said feature, the letters on the keys need to allow light to pass through. 1,744 more words


The Only LOFREE Keyboard Review That Matters.

The Lofree marketed as a ‘typewriter inspired keyboard’, and ‘the keyboard for the design conscious’. ¬†Online reviews however have been divided on it, so I feel it is appropriate for me to step into the fray, and give my own opinion on this unique keyboard. 2,754 more words


Mechanical Keyboard Review: Kumara Red Dragon K552

Yet another in the growing group of inexpensive mechanical keyboards, the K552 is manifestly similar to a few of the others I’ve tried. It is a tenkey-less model that uses a metal top plate and floating keys. 1,138 more words


Azio MGK-1 Mechanical Keyboard

In the beginning of my mechanical keyboard journey, I found myself purchasing examples of the breed that went for well over a hundred dollars. They had Cherry MX switches. 1,890 more words


One of My Duties...

Sorry, this is going to be more of a post about work than about MY works, but they’re connected, so it works for me.

One of my assigned duties at work involves a lot of steady typing. 813 more words


Keyboard Review: Masione "Mechanical Feel"

The tired old adage says that you get what you pay for. Well, sometimes you do, and sometimes you’re disappointed. In the end, if you fork over long green for a product, the expectation is that you are going to come away with something you’ll enjoy, something that will last. 2,960 more words


Mechanical Keyboard Review: Drevo Tyrfing (red switch)

Opening Salvo:

In my adventures with mechanical keyboards, I have tried a lot of switch types. Most of them, I’d be bold enough to say. One common switch I’d failed to try out, though, was the Cherry MX Red switch. 1,979 more words