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One of the Windows 8 and 8.1 Features

App Rearranging

Meaning: App Rearranging is one of the features of windows 8 and 8.1 that allows the rearrangement of apps to suit the user’s desire. 107 more words


Can You Read Cursive?

This is an issue that’s come up in my house several times over the last few years. Schools (at least the ones here), are no longer teaching cursive. 459 more words


Introduction to Shortcutting.

You will have to know what keyboard shortcut or shortcutting means before any other thing.

Definition of Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts are defined as a series of keys, sometimes with combination that execute tasks which typically involve the use of mouse or other input devices. 240 more words


Introducing Shortcutissues

          Shortcutissues is:

  • A place to find keyboard shortcuts.
  • A home of keyboard shortcuts that nobody bothers to tell you.
  • A place  that tells you more about keyboard shortcuts.
  • 59 more words

To Infinity and Beyond: Encouraging Keyboarding Progress!

Keyboarding is one of the most important skills that students learn. Without learning this skill many activities on the computer would be too time cumbersome to complete. 1,211 more words


Kindergarten Sight Words

Today in my kindergarten tech class, we practiced spelling sight words and finding letters on the iPad keyboard.  I created a Keynote presentation that showed the class how to open the app (we used Notes) and create a new note.   117 more words

5 Days of Teaching Resources: Day 3

My son has never been fond of handwriting. Ever since Kindergarten, he has counted the number of words, sentences or paragraphs he has to write before I allow him to stop for the day. 550 more words