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Mechanical Keyboard Review: Topre Realforce 87U 55gram

It is my philosophy that life is too short to use a lousy keyboard. I will admit that, for most people, keyboards are not a large concern, and typically only enter their consciousness if they are either a) broken or b) astoundingly bad. 2,883 more words


Keyboard Review: Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard

Back in the day…

Let us, for a moment, cast our minds back to the 1980’s. The hair was big. The shoulder pads were impressive. The rise of the home computer was upon the world. 3,342 more words


The State of Mechanical Keyboards, Spring 2017

This is a little guide to what to expect, and what to expect to pay, with the market being what it is right this moment. 898 more words


Mechanical Keyboards 101, Part Four: Key Caps!

We’ve talked about quite a few topics thus far in this series. The basics of mechanical keyboards, the switch technology, the shape, size and layout of the various options. 3,270 more words


Mechanical Keyboards 101, Part Three: Layout, Format, and Form Factor

In this episode, I’ll take you through some of the most common keyboard layouts, formats, and form factors. I’ll even do a bit of historical meandering, just because that can be fun and educational. 2,402 more words


Mechanical Keyboards 101, Part Two: Common Switches in Today's Market

Last time, on Mechanical Keyboards 101, I talked about the differences between mechanical and rubber dome keyboards, the historical background of keyboard technology, and the reason why mechanicals are, by and large, the bee’s knees. 4,452 more words


Mechanical Keyboards 101: Part One - What they are and where they came from

A long, long time ago, in the 80’s:

In the days of yore, when dinosaurs walked the earth and the keyboards that were included with a computer were actually considered to be important, keyboards were better than they are today. 2,243 more words