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The two market imperfections that drive Keynes' theory

Perhaps the easiest way to summarize Keynes’ theoretical departure from Classical economics is his idea that changes in aggregate demand, and not just in aggregate supply, can affect real output. 787 more words


Friedman's Quantity Theory of Money. Part 1: Keynes and Friedman.

It’s been more than a month since I wrote my last article. I know it is a long time but many things have been happening and I barely had any time to study or read, less to write an article. 2,210 more words

Money Economy

Fascism: The American Way of Life, by Gary D. Barnett

It’s a harsh verdict, but according to Gary D. Bennett, those who warn of impending fascism in America are too late. He makes a strong case. 338 more words


The Great Los Angeles Housing Fraud

by Scott Zwartz and Rick Abrams
Xmas December 25, 2017

Supply and Demand Does Not Set Housing Prices

People suffer from a significant defect: first-in thoughts tend to skew later information to conform to whatever people were first told. 3,713 more words