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Notwithstanding Keynesian Fantasies, Redistribution Does Not Stimulate Growth

Back in 2010, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually claimed that paying people not to work would be good for the economy.

Wow, that’s almost as bizarre as… 973 more words


Why Trillion Dollar Deficits Are Coming Back Soon

By David Stockman – Re-Blogged From Stockman’s Contra Corner

Yesterday I noted that the frogs of Wall Street linger in the boiling pot because they are under the delusion that stocks are cheap based on the sell-side hockey sticks that always show $135 per share of S&P earnings and a 15X multiple in the next year ahead. 1,010 more words

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Opinion - Mere criticism of the ECB is no solution | Bruegel

This is an outstanding must-read article by think-tank Bruegel. The seven authors are leading economists, many based in Germany. The article explores two fundamental questions. 352 more words


Do not let migration determine Britain’s place in Europe - Martin Wolf - FT.com

In this excellent, must-read article in the FT Martin Woolf concludes that immigration is not a good reason for choosing Brexit. But he concedes that migration might well determine the outcome of the referendum on whether Britain should leave the… 121 more words


Notes on the money thinking debate: MMT and the Keynesians

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)/Neo-Chartalism has gained increasing attention last couple of years, i.e. in Bloomberg, and also a lot of interesting critique. Here’s some notes and links. 727 more words


Japan's Descent into Keynesian Parody

It’s very hard to be optimistic about Japan. I’ve even referred to the country as a basket case.

But my concern is not that the country has been mired in stagnation for the past 25 years. 1,058 more words

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