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Unconditional Love Saves Suicidal Politician

5 21 15 Folks, Unconditional Love Saves Suicidal Politician

No politicians in modern times have done more obviously immoral, illegal, untrustworthy acts than the Clintons, independently and as a team but hard core liberal dunderheads see no evil, hear no betrayal and will speak no ill of the pair that cashed in on their positions of trust. 815 more words


POTUS Will Teach us How to think, What to Think and When. We already know how not to.

We should distinguish between “set-backs” and “Barack-backs”, the latter being of far less consequence than “set-backs”, which themselves are only likened to gnats on a butterfly’s butt, but buttinsky Fox-media, OAN and Republicans tend to blow things way out of proportion. 731 more words


A RINO Country is a Disintegrating Affair

Voices of reason are not those that compromise for the sake of harmony between ideologies. True conservatives are consistent in opposing liberal ideas and democrat agendas that erode our freedom but they are as rare as Dodo birds in our current political climate. 621 more words


Broken parties that may break Britain - FT.com

This outstanding article is currently top of the FT’s most-read list. It’s a must-read. Check it out!

via Broken parties that may break Britain – FT.com… 77 more words


The Canary Didn't Know the Cage Was Open

The eternal conflict on earth is and always will be between good and evil. Man’s fundamental belief system is based on the struggle between right and wrong. 1,137 more words


Let’s Blame The Savers

By Michael Pento – Re-Blogged From http://www.Gold-Eagle.com

Just like in the world of fashion, economic terminologies come in and out of vogue. One such economic term trending recently is Secular Stagnation.    906 more words

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