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All They Care About Is Money

This past Wednesday, a friend and I planned on getting dinner.  We wanted to try somewhere we’ve never been, so we consulted Yelp.  I began sifting through a few pages of local eateries and saw that in a recent review of one of my favorite restaurants, someone had given the place a rather nasty review.   866 more words


In Honor of Darwin Day

We are all Keynesians now.

This quote, usually attributed to Richard Nixon, is really believed to have been said by Milton Friedman. What Nixon actually said was “I am a Keynesian in economics now.” Both statements are powerful in the fact that they come from people who are ideologically on the right.

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Keynesian Economics


This paper discusses what distinguishes the Keynesian school from the New-Keynesian school. A summary of the schools’ major theories are examined and analyzed.

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Just Say No to the Debilitating Drug of Keynesian Stimulus

I’m glad that Donald Trump wants faster growth. The American people shouldn’t have to settle for the kind of anemic economic performance that the nation endured during the Obama years. 702 more words

Big Government

The Parable of a Camp Fire

Two boys were camping one night and their campfire needed more wood. Since Mike started the fire, Ben thought it would be a gesture of goodwill if he took on the chore of resupplying the fire with more wood. 715 more words

Pardon My Politics

Things You Should Realise About Donald Trump #1 He’s a Very Unsubtle Thinker

Donald Trump is a man who incites strong, contradictory opinions. One thing we should be able to agree on – he is not subtle.

This is evident in his Twitter feuds. 632 more words


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Helicopter Money

According to some economists and government leaders, parents all across America have evidently been wrong for decades. Money actually does grow on trees. 1,099 more words