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The Myth of the Keynesian Multiplier

TomWoodsTV, Mar 2015

A dollar of government spending yields more than a dollar of output, right? Professor William Boyes blows this out of the water.

Time: 25:08


Greece, Marxism, and Paul Krugman

I don’t know which group is more despicable, Greek politicians or the voters who elected them. In both cases, they think they’re entitled to other people’s money. 1,130 more words

Big Government

An Inflection Point For Keynesian Parlor Tricks

Source: Mark St.Cyr

Suddenly everywhere you look, one after another, a story is making its way into the main stream press (albeit a trickle but that’s a tidal wave in comparison) that we may be, in fact; experiencing a “bubble” in stock prices. 448 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

A Heart to Heart Talk with America

Since your impeccably dressed Congressman or Congresswoman refuses to level with you and since the News Media thinks you can’t handle the truth and since the President lacks credibility even if he would share this with you, that leaves it to me, just an old retired fighter pilot, to break it to you gently. 1,355 more words

Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth - OECD

This is an outstanding, must-read publication from global think-tank, OECD. Check it out!

via Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth – OECD.

Whether you are a debtor or a creditor country, there are some very astute observations here. 81 more words