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Managing conflicts flexibly on a "welfare state" barometer

In addressing whether the Canadian “welfare state” model contributes to conflict resolution or exacerbate conflict, i would argue that Canada has been managing political conflicts flexibly on itsĀ “welfare state” barometer. 316 more words


You Have Relatives in the Fatherland?

I’ve been around the block more than once…Political correctness is not the chariot that drives me or got me here. In business and politics I’ve had a mild aversion to diplomacy, most of my adult life. 671 more words



Austerity – sternness or severity of manner or attitude

Ending austerity – Treating perfectly capable adults like little children by stealing from those adults who don’t want to be treated like children. 275 more words

Brian By Experience

With Friends Like That

I have been warning that Barack is not on our side since he won the nomination and people are still trying to figure out why he does what he does. 736 more words


Eternal Life Support System for Dummies

Get real. A weak recovery doesn’t last 7 years…there is no recovery; perhaps a new “normal” but that would be even worse than a weak recovery. 1,877 more words


Economic Theory

Via Mark Thoma:

Simon Wren-Lewis:

Speak for yourself, or why anti-Keynesian views survive:

The evidence for the Keynesian worldview is very mixed. Most economists come down in favor or against it because of their prior ideological beliefs.

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Ieuan's Making a Point About: Austerity

George Osborne has been committed to extreme austerity from the second his expensive Italian leather shoes first brushed the carpet of No. 11 Downing Street. His success in growing the British economy is undeniable; at least in the eyes of the British electorate. 558 more words