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Things You Should Realise About Donald Trump #1 He’s a Very Unsubtle Thinker

Donald Trump is a man who incites strong, contradictory opinions. One thing we should be able to agree on – he is not subtle.

This is evident in his Twitter feuds. 632 more words


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Helicopter Money

According to some economists and government leaders, parents all across America have evidently been wrong for decades. Money actually does grow on trees. 1,099 more words


The "Austerity" Debate: More Academic Evidence against Big Government

In the world of fiscal policy, there are actually two big debates.

  1. One debate revolves around the appropriate size of government in the long run. Folks on the left argue that government spending…
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Big Government

Negative Interest Rates? huh!

Many months ago, Bank of Japan (BoJ) introduced a Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing (QQME) with Negative Interest Rates. Whats the logic behind this other than maybe reducing reserves to induce banks into lending more? 1,090 more words


Trump's Interventionism Is Bad for the Economy

President-Elect Trump announced that Carrier, a subsidiary of the United Technologies Corporation, has decided to keep operations running in Indiana, rather than letting approximately 1000 jobs be outsourced, presumably to Mexico. 691 more words


For Thanksgiving Week, the OECD Proposes a Keynesian Turkey

Earlier this year, I criticized the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development for endorsing an orgy of Keynesian spending.

Did my criticism have an effect? 1,030 more words

Big Government

The End of Capitalism

The End of Capitalism

David Harvey (2016)

In The End of Capitalism, geography and anthropology professor Anthropology David Harvey makes the case that economic crises and inequality are part and parcel of capitalism and can only be ended by dismantling the capitalist economic system. 276 more words