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The Economic Problem

Over the years, economics has taken on many different roles than the intended scientific discipline of human action. The study of economics has been broken up into separate, and often competing “schools” of thought. 1,067 more words


The War against Cash, Part IV

The War against Cash continues.

  • In Part I, we looked at the argument that cash should be banned or restricted so governments could more easily collect additional tax revenue.
  • 3,628 more words
Government Intervention

Japan and the IMF: A Match Made in Keynesian Hell

Japan is the poster child for Keynesian economics.

Ever since a bubble popped about 25 years ago, Japanese politician have adopted one so-called stimulus scheme after another. 704 more words

Big Government

Disentangling Keynesian Fiscal Policy

At the risk of understatement, I’m not a fan of Keynesian economics.

The disdain is even apparent in the titles of my columns.


Notwithstanding Keynesian Fantasies, Redistribution Does Not Stimulate Growth

Back in 2010, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually claimed that paying people not to work would be good for the economy.

Wow, that’s almost as bizarre as… 973 more words