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One may wish to see the federal bureaucracy in Washington, DC as a giant, blood-sucking tick. Adhered to the east coast, the skin of our nation, like a Sci-Fi alien, it grows and becomes more deeply entrenched, sucking ever more money and power from the rest of the country, fattening itself at the expense of its host. 163 more words


Keynesian Economics and the Fallacy of Boosting Growth by Destroying Wealth

Keynesian economics is like Freddie Krueger, constantly reappearing after logical people assumed it was dead. The fact that various stimulus schemes inevitably fail should be the death knell for the theory, which is basically the “ 775 more words


Why Economic Fallacies Are Taught

You may think that it is out of hubris that I brazenly chide most of what is peddled in public schools and universities as fallacious. Well, economists qua economists are well aware that their services can command greater remuneration behind the aegis of the State or University tenure than on the market. 736 more words


UK Brexit Prime Minister's Office: Not Paying $47 Billion In Extortion To Deep State E.U.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — A source in UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s administration refuted Monday in a media statement earlier reports saying the country was ready to pay up to 40 billion euros ($47.2 billion) for its withdrawal from the European Union. 303 more words


Egregious Media Dishonesty Overshadows Important Economic Observation

While it’s quite clear that the establishment media leans to the left, I don’t get too agitated about bias. Though every so often I can’t resist the temptation to comment when I come across egregious examples… 568 more words


A Return To Constitutional Capitalism

The key to broadly distributing opportunity and capital is to nurture the source {U.S. Constitution} of social capital {middle Class}: the community economy {Obama?}. Barrack Hussein Obama The Community Organizer? 1,844 more words


Even by Keynesian Standards, Cash-for-Clunkers Was a Clunker

Keynesian economics is fundamentally misguided because it focuses on how to encourage more spending when the real goal should be to figure out policies that result in more income. 691 more words