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Divan Diving

Well, another graduation season came and went without me being invited to speak at commencement ceremonies. I didn’t expect to get a call from Harvard, Yale, or Notre Dame, but I was looking forward to sharing one of my famous motivational messages with students and parents from a smaller institute of learning, such as The Academy of Spoiled Rotten Brats. 205 more words


Keynote Speakers

Introducing the keynote speakers

Jesse Reynolds

Jesse Reynolds is presently a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of European and International Public Law at Tilburg University in The Netherlands. His focus is on climate engineering, not only in relation to environmental law, but also to international relations, economics and the economic analysis of law. 218 more words

Andrew Parker

10 quick tips to help with motivational speaking London

  1. Attract audience attention from the beginning with a strong opening.

Business speaking means leading your audience from your opening line; don’t wait until you’re half way through. 410 more words


MESH Creative Confab [May, 2016]

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What is MESH Creative Confab?

MESH Creative Confab is a biannual event that brings together the very best of Ghanaian creativity under one roof for the purposes of meeting, exploring and sharing creative ideas, projects, products and services. 468 more words


5 survival tips for overcoming public speaking anxiety

Do you want to be one of the great inspirational speakers in London?

Glossophobia, or fear of public speaking, is universally accepted to be one of life’s great phobias. 446 more words


SKC Consulting announces association with six new members

GGI member firm SKC Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of 6 new partners. The addition of these partners will allow SKC to expand and operate as a bigger, better and stronger organisation: Mr Anil Kumar Gupta and Mr Chaitanya Kumar as Consulting Partners; Mr Madhukar Khosla, Mr Sumit Bhatia and Ms Gayatri Manchanda as Associate Directors; and Mr Akshya Chandra as an Associate Partner. 196 more words

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