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Predictably, Krugman Flees the Scene

Source: The Daily Bell, by Staff Report – December 04, 2013

Paul Krugman Consigns To Hell An Economic Slump Of His Own Devise … Public intellectual Paul Krugman recently consigned to Hell, in a New York Times op-ed column entitled A Permanent Slump, the world economy. 1,179 more words

Libertarian/Austrian Economics

That's Not Water Trickling Down

It has been thirty years since Americans elected a b-movie actor on the promise of economic prosperity. His plan, and by “his plan” I mean the plan of his handlers, was to sell the public on the idea that if you put more money in the hands of the wealthy it would eventually trickle down to the middle class and poor. 604 more words

Economic Justice

Offshoring and Outsourcing are good -- Brooks

“Offshoring and outsourcing has been good for American productivity.”  So says New York Times David Brooks, in his 2012 Jul 16 essay (published Tuesday, Jul 17, in the NYT Op-Ed section).  1,125 more words


Where the stimulus money went … and why it didn’t “drop kick” the economic recovery.

Nice, balanced retrospective in the NY Post re: Team O’s stimulus and why it didn’t — in Joe Biden’s words — “drop kick” the economic recovery. 141 more words


What Exactly is Happening with Our Economy

The good news about understanding our economy right now is that you don’t have to understand all the details of what led up to our economic crisis, and what’s going on with the stock market and the price of gold right now, and what’s happening in global currency markets, or what the dynamic in Washington is in Washington right now. 702 more words