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If I wanted America to fail

Here is a great video I found at The Blogmocracy.  It reminds me why amongst the grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence is included the statement… 830 more words


Bringing Common Sense to Bear on Energy

(Coal and oil are the key lubricants of our economy; phasing them out is not a short-term solution)

Chevrolet’s ‘Volt’ does not run on electricity. 759 more words

Conservative Commentary

Pick Your Favorite Position

How are those gas prices working out for you?  Would you like a little relief?  Well, the government doesn’t think you need any relief.  As a matter of fact, they think that high gas prices are a good thing.  868 more words


I am the 53% - Occupy an Oil Platform Edition

Here is another well served dose of reality for the radicals, criminals, and useful idiots of Obama’s Occupy Wall Street movement.


My husband worked on a drilling rig 12 hrs a day for 301 of 365 days last year in the heat + cold to provide for our family.  176 more words


The Oil Will Flow Somewhere

The world’s modern infrastructure runs on petroleum.  Just to keep the wheels of industry, energy, medicine, and numerous other sectors turning, the world needs roughly 88 million barrels each day.  945 more words