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Danielle Smith: Anti-pipeline movement is vacuous, but still winning the PR war

Those who listen to my show know that I am always willing to interview people I don’t agree with. I like to give people the chance to make their best argument and let listeners tell me whether they agree. 187 more words


First Nations sign anti-pipeline declaration in Calgary Wednesday

A coalition of aboriginal groups from Canada and the U.S. has signed a declaration against the Keystone XL pipeline, vowing to use the courts and whatever other means necessary to block the controversial project. 170 more words


Five things you should know before you start your work day on May 17

Good morning. Editor Nicole MacAdam (@nicole_mac1) here. New rules for airlines are introduced in Ottawa, the cost of medical pot for veterans had soared before a recent crackdown, and documents related to Trump’s KXL approval show his appreciation for Canadian oil — despite NAFTA posturing. 762 more words


No firm timeline for Keystone XL despite Trump's blessing: TransCanada CEO

CALGARY – TransCanada is still not prepared to offer a firm timeline for the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline, its top executive said on Friday, even after U.S. 534 more words


Pipeline arsons on the rise

Consistent with what they said during late March, The Patriot Post reports the amount of pipeline arsons is on the rise. The sabotage is tied to the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy and being done in hopes of disrupting it or shutting the pipeline project down: 279 more words


Life on the Keystone XL route: where opponents fear the ‘black snake’ - Tuesday 2 May 2017 03.00 EDT

Part one: In Montana, Native Americans fear a leak could destroy their way of life, but local politicians worry about the threat of protesters above all else… 217 more words

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