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CA-signed vCloud Director certificates no longer trusted - SAN missing

Hello again! Today’s adventures drove me a little wild…

Some background first. In my test environment, I have a full vCloud Director v8.10.1 deployment, load balanced with an F5 LTM. 502 more words


Renew an Expired CA Signed Certificate

All digital certificates have a validity period and most clients and servers check the certificate expiry. If the certificate is expired it will no longer be considered as a valid certificate. 558 more words


Generating a Java Keystore using SSL certificate, Private Key and Intermediate Certificate for HTTPS

Working with certificates can be a little confusing at times. This article aims to help give a brief understanding about the steps in creating a java keystore with the private key and a certificate signed by a certificate authority. 559 more words

Certificate Signing Request

Truststore & Keystore

In SSL handshake,

  • TrustStore is to verify credentials
  • stores certificates from third party, Java application communicate or certificates signed by CA(certificate authorities like Verisign) which can be used to identify third party.
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Commonly used Keytool / Open SSL Commands

Generate Keystore

keytool -genkey -alias alias.name.uk -keyalg RSA -sigalg SHA512withRSA -keysize 2048 -keystore keystore_name.jks

Enter keystore password:

Re-enter new password:

What is your first and last name? 303 more words

Unix Commands

Delete imported certificate from Java keystore (cacert)

Delete certificate:
>> Make sure to be root/admin user while accessing the terminal/command prompt
>> Navigate to %JAVA_HOME%/jre/lib/security and give the command,

keytool -delete -alias server-alias -keystore cacerts… 48 more words


Recovering Java keystore password

So I hadn’t updated my Android appĀ in 5 years. I had worked on an update for the past couple months, and was finally ready to upload it. 1,301 more words