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Keystore default passwords

Default keystore password:

JDK cacerts                                    changeit

WLS DemoTrust password        DemoTrustKeyStorePassPhrase

WLS DemoIdentity password    DemoIdentityKeyStorePassPhrase

WLS DemoIdentity private key DemoIdentityPassPhrase

Certificates 101

To view the details of a certificate:

openssl x509 -in <certificate.cer> -text

To view the details of cacerts file:

keytool -list -keystore <cacerts>

To view the details of a specific certificate included in a cacerts file: 80 more words

Encrypt Tablespaces - Multitenant



The tablespace will be create inside of Pluggable Database: PDBPROD3

Datafile location: /u02/oradata/cdbprod/pdbprod3/
 Keystore location: /u01/oracle/admin/$ORACLE_SID/encryption_keystore/

1.) Include in SQLNET.ora:
(DIRECTORY = /u01/oracle/admin/$ORACLE_SID/encryption_keystore/)

2.)Create the directory, if doesn’t exist:

mkdir -p /u01/oracle/admin/$ORACLE_SID/encryption_keystore/

3.)Create the KEY store:

$ cd /u01/oracle/admin/$ORACLE_SID/encryption_keystore/
$ pwd

Inside of Root Container execute:

'/u01/oracle/admin/cdbprod/encryption_keystore/' IDENTIFIED BY oracle;

SQL> !ls -ltr /u01/oracle/admin/cdbprod/encryption_keystore/
 total 4
 -rw-r--r--. 201 more words

Java keystore and SSL certificates

In this tutorial, I’m going to describe, how to setup the java keystore and SSL certificate.

default keystore location


Create a new keystore:

keytool -genkey -alias mydomain -keyalg RSA -keystore keystore.jks -keysize 2048… 70 more words

Java Keys

Maven - Setup Development Environment with Mirror Repo

In this tutorials, I’m going to describe how to setup the maven repo with the mirror.

(add maven mirror repo certificate to the java key store) 257 more words

Java Keys


Hello all!

Today will be yet another post without code (yet without enough time), but showing you what I think are some big security faults I found in a very popular site, … 1,472 more words

Android Oreo docs on keymaster3 and HIDL

Along with Android 8, Google released detailed technical docs on keymaster3 https://t.co/WBNsINGlE8 & HAL arch https://t.co/sEC3hDsjMO

— John Kozyrakis (@ikoz) September 4, 2017

In Android 8.0, Keymaster 3 transitioned from the old-style C-structure Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) to the C++ HAL interface generated from a definition in the new Hardware Interface Definition Language (HIDL).

70 more words