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Importing certificates in weblogic server

While working on day to day work, I was able to find 2 different way to import a certificate on your weblogic server

  1. Importing certificate using key tool over command prompt…
  2. 435 more words

Creating Self Signed Certificates (openssl & keytool)

To create my own self signed certificates, I used following 2 utilities.

  1. openssl
  2. keytool (Included in JAVA SE platform)

Openssl is open source library which is used when secure communication is required among applications. 553 more words


Java Uygulama için Api'ın Geçerli Sertifika Dosyasını Set Etmek

Https protokolü ile SaaS hizmet sağlayan https://api1.paritus.com servisi mevcut. Bu servisin cevabını, yazmış olduğumuz bir java uygulaması içinde kullanmayı planlıyoruz. Jackson – JaxRS, Jersey-Client veya başka bir rest client kütüphanesi kullanarak normal bir http isteğini handle edebiliriz. 299 more words

Java Project


WildCard file server.pfx (format PKCS)Generate Java Keystore from WildCard

keytool -v -importkeystore –srckeystore server.pfx -srcstoretype PKCS12 -destkeystore yournewkeystore.jks -deststoretype JKS… 140 more words

Weblogic SSL WildCard Configuration

Weblogic 10.3.6 +
WildCard file server.pfx (format PKCS)Generate Java Keystore from WildCard

Generate Java Keystore from WildCard
1. Source environment

2. Use OpenSSL to check the pfx certificate’s content. 655 more words


Android Studio -Recover keystore password

In all the cases you should always backup your passwords. In case if you lose your Android project’s keystore password the only and last hope you have is to look into a file .gradle/<version>/taskArtifacts/taskArtifacts.bin… 41 more words

OEM 12c SSL Certificate Swapping (HowTo)

Oracle Enterprise Manager out of the box, comes with demonstration SSL certificates that are generally okay for getting the basic system up and running, but should not be left as your long-term solution for SSL/HTTPS connections to your Oracle Management Server (OMS). 1,510 more words