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I sit in a  hut of my own inside
With an outside that has a dog.

This window filters my outside
Just this much , not much else. 34 more words


Campery wynajem: Odkryj nasz wymarzony camper

Z roku na rok liczba miłośników camperów wzrasta nie zaledwie w własnym regionu. Jeszcze więcej osób sięga w podróżach swobody i ofercie dodawania wypoczynkowi własnego stylu. 417 more words

Words are his dreams

It was in dreams he broke vows of silence
And flew, full of love,to the bluest of skies
Like a colored balloon with  hanging fate. 42 more words


Keyword Post #4

Oh, the humanity

The algorithm. For those of us who struggle with the factually mathematical and technological, it seems something of a mystery. Its aim, however, is not: “ on a body of data to quickly achieve a desired outcome” (Gillespie 19). 534 more words

The price of onions

Every year we increase onion price
To develop outside with no- inside
As we peel its inside to no-outside.

Price is not worth  thing for inside. 34 more words


Bringing back the old sun

May be we have wife’s carbuncular
Diamond polished bright and shiny
By morning sun rays from our past.

May be we sit as hoi polloi on tram… 51 more words


New Internet Income 2.0--Lesson #30: Creating Personas, Part 3

We continue our revised course with Internet Income 2.0, Lesson #30: Creating Personas, Part 3, Course author, George Little, completes the creation of a sample “persona” and discusses the importance of keeping your persona updated to reflect current trends and data. 83 more words

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