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I have bided through my decrepitude
For a young poet’s poem on Chapman.

Now I am on top of a hill of discovery.
Below is expanse of peace and depth. 48 more words



Hiring the right plumbing company is a vitally important decision that should be taken seriously by homeowners & small businesses.

Plumbing services companies are faced with the job of repairing some of the most important parts in the place like the toilet, water heater sink faucets & sewer. 1,214 more words


Keywords in Magic the Gathering #1

Keywords in Magic #1 –
What do they mean?

Almost every Magic: the Gathering card has a keyword. Most people assume that you will know what these keywords mean, and this is common with most MTG players. 713 more words

MTG Anonymous

Quick tip on Keywording Using Google Maps

This will a quick post on a little technique I’m using to keyword images of places that I’m not familiar with.

Bella Venezia

So I’m going through my latest batch of Venice images and since I’m not so familiar with the city I’m using Google Maps and its 3D tool to add accurate captions and keywords. 338 more words


City of destiny

Then there were rains on sea
And on beach on a dark night.

It poured outside my balcony
Like shifting shower curtains,

In a night’s fluffy street lights… 40 more words


A strand from inside a dream

A life on river strand by which
I ate, slept and lived a month,

Watching the ferries flowing
To a village on the other side… 31 more words



Words are metaphors for our escape
From body’s prison, its thought limit.

We propose  buy land  and border it
And let imagination set a fancy price… 31 more words