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Job satisfaction

A lone mountain breaker chips away.
He has the whole mountain to break

But only a few years on a bare head.
A hammer sounds like  squirrel cry. 45 more words



What is a Keyword?

A Keyword is an informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document. A Keyword is work like a key for searching our desired topics or page. 110 more words

The child's ribbon

A dear child’s mind loves to make
Her ribbon of poetry to cast it out

That she wears on head to school
Where she wears rhymes by rote. 27 more words



What will  it be after  sun breaks,
A silence after dog’s barks stops

And a noise takes over from train
As birds slowly stop their twitter. 26 more words


Week 1: My Very First Encounter With AdWords

After this first week of class, I feel in over my head. I’m a marriage and family major amongst business, CIT, and others who have studied this for the past four years. 340 more words


Hill thief

Petrichor is the lovely earth smell
From a new rain on a pot of plant.

Chor is Indian thief , Petri a stone
And I am petrified by a new word. 51 more words


Fox hole

That was old poet’s fox slowly
Entering the hole of the head.

Cunning fox is slow on a snow
Leaves footprints in soft snow.

There are no stars in window. 42 more words