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Bread in a mouth

They went in  hole ,not like Sita
Not to return only to be blamed
For the poverty not committed.
They are not wanted by history. 41 more words


Original sin

Hesitantly we mumble apologies
Even if our sin was truly original,
Our fathers ,forefathers who did .

We fling them in general direction
When crows come on walls spiked… 48 more words


Reverse engineering

As you walk on river, do not get too close
To our fragments shored up against ruins.
They are meant to be reverse engineered.

Do not tread on our charred wood pieces… 35 more words


Gorgeous nothings

Some poetesses write their gorgeous poetries
On the back of origami style postal envelopes

That came with letters and no money wishing
A long married life with dark lawyers looming. 35 more words


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Interpreting happiness

Tongues flutter to call  round-eyed owl
To our son’s wedding to their daughter.
Tongues do not break  words half a way.
Owl is constant interpreter of happiness. 31 more words


Getting carried away

A not so shy poet would spread his dreams
Under girl’s feet , not to walk hard on them.
They have fallen on their faces like parijats. 51 more words