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As Christopher Kelty shows us, participation is no easy concept to come to terms with, partly because it’s hard to talk about and discover what comprises fair and equal participation. 566 more words

How to use SEO to make your company stand out.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a technique you NEED to learn if you want to be competitive in the Digital Marketing sector. Using keywords on your website helps Google to find your site and makes your site more visible to your target audience. 65 more words

Digital Marketing

Walls of history

We make our neighbor pay
And we are walling him out,
Walling ourselves slowly in.

Walls are where forts were
Before the invader but now… 21 more words


Moon walk

Forget moon, forget the need to die
To acquiesce, to surrender or to sing

To stretch throat not coming of poet
The poet’s medium of art no matter. 41 more words


Apartment watchman

When my son was two year old
I would push him up that road

In  creaking rusted toy tricycle.
Rows of apartments stacked by.

Now I am falling in late fifties. 42 more words


Crows on the wall

In the night I look for a crow song
That may be lying in its darkness.

But crows on the wall hardly sing,
Their throats hoarse with deaths. 23 more words


SEO/SEM Keyword Search for my Sleep Disorder

When you think of search engine sites you probably automatically think of Google, right? But did you know that other sites like Yahoo and even Facebook are search engines? 380 more words