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Blog Post #3: On-Site SEO Ranking Analysis

On-site search engine optimization ranking is one of the key determinants that allows a website to generate traffic successfully. More specifically, on-site SEO deals with how a website’s  (particularly webpage’s) content is formatted in order to optimize or maximize, it’s ranking across all search engines. 600 more words

MRKT 327- Digital Marketing

Vigil in the night

His   throat freezes a poison
So we sleep in his safe belly.

We drown a cosmic anxiety
In sputters of motor cycles,

In dead flowers, film songs… 40 more words


Keyword Research and Keyword Targeting.

The first step in search engine optimization (SEO) is really to determine what it is we are actually optimizing. This means knowing the terms people are searching for ( known as “keywords”) that we want our website to rank for in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. 447 more words


Lonely sea

I hear the sea’s fever in head
As its moon is up and about.

Sea goes in  fever and foam,
Pukes  litter of dead flowers. 44 more words


What ruins we are

Buddha stood over ruins of time
As toll we paid for atavistic folly.

We would then count the fingers
In garland, as a proud treasury. 31 more words


Free android root

ost your website. Now i would like to say that suppose your server is located USA. Now any user sitting in Russia or UK, who  531 more words


Optimizing and Targeting the Correct

There are three main common mistakes that people make normally when writing their post i.e.

Fail to optimize any keyword.
An Attempt to optimize too  709 more words