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New Internet Income 2.0--Lesson #19: Social Media In Perspective

We continue with our revised course with Internet Income 2.0, Lesson #18: Social Media In Perspective. Course author, George Little, compares Social Media Marketing to Search Marketing and discusses the role that Social Media Marketing plays in your overall marketing strategy, including tracking and measuring your marketing results and practical strategies for effectively using paid social media promotions. 84 more words

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Child banyan

The villager goes up an opening in wall
And down he slides onto the other side.
Beyond the wall stand twin rock sisters
At first silent before complete strangers… 60 more words


Free Writing 1/30/2016

Online advertising can be a bit of a fickle beast. The results you see as an end user seem far too simple than the installation end of it, whether it’s… 304 more words

Free Writing

Lost words

There were twenty steps with a rope
Many hands have worn dark in ages
In the de ja vu many others had met.

Rope is darker by descending hands… 14 more words


Debunking the Rabbit –– Are Computers ‘Smarter’ than Humans?

Computer! I’m the Human! Stop it!

With cars that start up without the Human inserting a key, Google Maps instead of paper maps, cash registers which scan and calculate so dull-eyed employees don’t have to think, and worst of all auto-correct, the Human is now the drone. 1,079 more words


Disaat Blogger Bermain 'Pancing'

TULISAN ini sebenarnya hanya sebagai pelengkap lawas dari kegiatan Aceh Blogger Gathering 2015 lalu yang bisa disebut lebih kepada gambar alias foto berbicara.

Berhubung sudah lama OWL tidak tersempatkan untuk  198 more words



I keep  pages unoccupied by thoughts,
Their spines creaking by many nights,
Their dust full of my future after-light
Like powdered clay pot I will become. 30 more words