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Dust of holes

Wind runs a movement on dust
A storm of the camel’s laughter
As it goes up and down horizon.

We are dust of tribe in religion… 30 more words


Love grows in stomach

Tam believe that love grows in the stomach and that they go around clutching their bellies when their hearts are broken. “‘You are in my stomach’ was their most intimate expression of love,” Nell says…

67 more words


The daisies are born again
Only to die again separately

And as daisies ,all in chain
And be born new daisies all

Feeling and smelling same… 37 more words


We are not us

The real meaning of persona is a mask, such as actors were accustomed to wear on the ancient stage; and it is quite true that no one shows himself as he is, but wears his mask and plays his part.

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Wiaty przystankowe i graffiti – bądź więc interesujące związanie?

W poszczególnych miastach, takich jak Grudziądz, postanowiono ubrać oraz urozmaicić wiaty przystankowe. Czyli stanowi lecz toż niezwykły pomysł? Także czy graffiti to stosowne uwagi wyjście? 227 more words

In the rainbow meadow

Over here ,at forgetful feet
Of a woman sits dog buddy
Waiting to cross her bridge.

When she will cross bridge
She will shit , piss and wag… 22 more words


Wiaty przystankowe oraz graffiti – albo to odpowiednie związanie?

W pewnych miastach, takich jak Grudziądz, postanowiono ubrać i urozmaicić wiaty przystankowe. Albo stanowi pomimo wtedy prawy wpływ? Także lub graffiti to przydatne uwagi wyjście? 221 more words