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Children do not die under canopy
Because it is not sky to die under.
Children are sweet birds they sing
Wearing no transience on bodies. 29 more words


Clouded vacation

There are light elephants in that cumulus
And elephants fly like heavily in the wind,

Wind blows words to turn a cat language.
Cirrus is mere language with no thought… 33 more words


Everyone digs

Poet’s granddad dug peat and drank
Milk brought by his grandson straight
But his dad would dig potatoes deep.

Everyone digs down through lifetime.
We drink our milk and dig our words… 14 more words


Vague and temporary


He of the upper valley comes
Sometime to our upper story,
When snow is less, tree more.

I ask how snow-wheat grows
On trees and then sun comes… 41 more words



We were merely hunting words
In midnight’s innocent jungles.
We are far removed from caves.

After such a moon-laden night
An aubade has to cry from love… 9 more words


Choosing your SEO keywords

This is early days (first day), but I’m reading a book called So You Think you Can Write? by a 26-year old named Julia McCoy. I really like the book so far, and I’m excited to get further into it. 238 more words


Searching for Jobs

Job searching… what is the first thing that comes to mind when I say it?! Frustrating, disheartening, confusing? All of the above? I know, I have been there myself. 263 more words

Careers Advice