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Photographer tip: Keywording

A couple of useful articles on how to assign relevant keywords to photos – read here and here.

Photography Tips

Transience (and a Lightroom tip)

I just found this photo in one of my “monthly best of” smart collections… 221 more words


Lightroom (LR) lesson

Do you back up your photos? Do you keyword them religiously and then back up your catalogue? I do. And my goodness I am grateful today. 294 more words


Gestión de datos IPTC en Lightroom

El empleo de palabras clave (keywords) y el resto de metadatos IPTC en Adobe Lightroom.
Fácil, fácil!

Más información:


5 Easy Steps To Process Your Underwater Photos

Enhance your “keepers” and be able to find them later!

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