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Online, Prints or Albums?

How do you like to look at your photographs? In the past the choices were print or slides. The prints were placed in albums and carefully labeled, or at the other end of the spectrum left in a box or trunk unmarked. 623 more words


Launching a Stock Photo Critique/Review Service

Today I’m excited to launch a comprehensive brutally honest stock-photo review/critique service. Details at the end of this article on how you may win a complementary review! 878 more words

Alexandre Rotenberg

Quick tip on Keywording Using Google Maps

This will a quick post on a little technique I’m using to keyword images of places that I’m not familiar with.

Bella Venezia

So I’m going through my latest batch of Venice images and since I’m not so familiar with the city I’m using Google Maps and its 3D tool to add accurate captions and keywords. 338 more words


EveryPixel, the Future of AI Keywording

Wouldn’t you just love it if you could simply upload an image and the algorithm keywords the images within seconds? Until recently, I thought this was the talk of science fiction, That is until today when I recently stumble upon this cool piece of futuristic software. 320 more words


Adopting Alamy Pseudos to Improve Keyword Rankings

Alamy offers every contributor the opportunity to effectively create “different sub-accounts” in the form of pseudonyms. One theory is that by using different pseudos, you may ultimately improve your own image search engine rankings. 1,547 more words


Trialing an Unique & Quick Keywording Method

Keywording is getting easier for me since there’s lots of software out there to help me, including Keyword.io. In addition, Clemency Wright Consulting has been extremely helpful. 637 more words


Three Professional Keywording Examples by Clemency Wright Consulting

Following on from last month’s extremely useful interview with Keywording Specialist, Clemency Wright, which you can access here, I would like to share an interesting update with you. 82 more words