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Page Layout Design for Digital Media.

  • Asymmetrical Balance- While not all balanced photographs are symmetrical, all symmetrical photographs are balanced. Symmetry (formal balance) is achieved when both sides of the image hold equal weight.
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Module 11: SEO

I think an obvious way to maximize Search Engine Optimization is to include keywords. I will include updated keywords wherever I can in my site. According to the link, it says that “primary and secondary keywords are selected to focus page content and drive traffic. 195 more words


Lesson 10- Weekly Reflection

This week we launched out AdWords campaign. I believe I may have had an additional $25 due to the AdWords Credit Squarespace gave me. My daily budget was set at $6.90. 180 more words

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Twitter or Facebook? Why choose, when you can have both?

The end of our MARK4474 course is inching closer and closer in every blog I write.  In fact, it’s exactly a month away from today.  To be honest, I am no sure how I feel about it.  3,188 more words


Data Types, Variables and Keywords

Programming is all about data manipulation with the help of a computer.
So the very first thing to understand is data. Data is what your computer memory is filled with. 538 more words

Data Types

25 Best Places for Winter Holidays in North India

Like the aureate diminish in the unfolding sky, the outside world has from time immemorial been overwhelmingly pulled in to India, the intriguing place that is known for history, wild, mysticism and naturalism. 1,599 more words

Are You Already Marketing On The Internet?

Does your Business have an online presence?

If you answer yes to this question, then guess what…. you are already marketing your products or services online just by owning a website. 466 more words