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The Bare Bones Basics of SEO.

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Jenna Alger here. Thanks for joining me. Want to learn a little about SEO? Don’t worry- I’m only going to touch on the bare bone basics for now! 292 more words


Target Your Clients with Deadly Accuracy

Captivating title directed to your audience? Check
Image or Video to grab attention? Check

What happened just now? Well you’re still here and you’re reading. I grabbed your attention and gave you a reason to go on. 504 more words

Email Marketing

The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


What's in your content?

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As bloggers it’s our job to make sure we’re getting the right message across to the right audience. But, how effective is your content? 684 more words


progamming in C #5

Q.11- what do you mean by local and global variable?

Ans. A local variable define inside a block and visible in that block. Local variable is also visible in the nested block. 209 more words


programming in c #4

Q.8- what is keywords?

Ans. Keywords are predefining identifiers that have special meaning.

There are 32 keywords currently stand for c language. Also keep in mind that c language is case sensitive language and it requires that all keywords be in lower case. 114 more words


Goals for 2018

Creators on WordPress.com share what they’d like to accomplish in 2018.

via What Do You Want to Accomplish This Year? — Discover

I discovered this article in my Reader feed and I felt that it can relate to what I’m trying to do on WordPress, that is, to engage with the marketing community.

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