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Self Publishing - the next bit / keywords & blurb

first: a refresh how did you manage with the first two articles?

If you are unsure about contents, formatting, pictures – go to Amazon’s KDP site and take your time to read through the sections. 591 more words


Simplifying the Process of Choosing a Brand Name

For some, choosing a domain name isn’t a great deal. They simply choose a keyword or the company’s name as the domain name, but the process isn’t so simple. 467 more words


Ich bin 10 und....

Google Keywordplanner, auslesen realer Suchanfragen und Tools wie ubersuggest helfen die richtigen Keywords zu finden. Außerdem ist die Google Auto- Suggest Funktion ganz praktisch. Manchmal allerdings auch irgendwie gruselig. 12 more words


Talkin' Bout Bidding: Why A Good Landing Page Is More Important Than Your CTR

Quality Scores (QS) are determined by Click Through Rates (CTR), but neither of these metrics determine the actual effectiveness of your ad. Only conversion rates do that and only an effective landing page can raise your conversion rates. 393 more words

Quality Score

The role of keywords in assessing knowledge & understanding

As part of my thinking on assessment I’ve been looking at how to assess knowledge & understanding. I’ve been considering stages of knowledge and whether it is possible to use this to ensure students’ thinking is based on solid foundations and then stretched further by more complex concepts. 600 more words


Obtainable Great Keywords

Great keywords are essential to article writing. Keyword research is an incredibly important part of any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. With blogs in particular, you will want to be targeting keywords that are quite specific and are searched on a regular basis each month. 442 more words



Write unique content
Unique content is important too. You need to provide content that has different information than what is on other sites and other Web pages. 837 more words