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Whiteness: Claude Cahun

Racism is bad and ugly. This is what everyone on the left knows well. But when we only name the problem in that way, it is easy to slide into a liberal discourse in which we all agree that we are against bad and ugly things. 1,595 more words


Keywords - Writing Sample

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  • Film
  • Film photography
  • Film photography for beginners
  • Film for beginners
  • Photography for beginners
  • Darkroom
  • At home darkroom
  • 35mm film

35mm film photography should be something that everyone experiments with at least once in their lives, especially photography enthusiasts. 102 more words

My 10 best Social Media practices to develop a brand image

What makes up a person? Why do we like and connect to some more than others? Is it because of the look, behavior, characteristics, personality or the value he or she stands for. 1,739 more words


Social Listening: Getting to know customers or cyberstalking?


What is Social Listening?

From reading the title above I guess some of you are wondering what the heck is social listening? Don’t worry I have only recently learned the meaning of the term since I sat in my digital marketing lecture last week. 941 more words

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