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[Opinion] Squiggy's Top 5 Soundtracks

It’s time for me to finish off the week with my top 5 video game soundtracks. I love videogame music, from the memories it brings back, to the emotions it makes me feel. 475 more words


Sad Video Game Moments (1/2)

For those that play video games, I’m sure you’ll agree that they are much more than just a way to spend time. Plot has become increasingly vital to video games in recent times; gamers want a narrative as well as fancy graphics and functional mechanics. 574 more words


Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom of Hearts is a popular game for the playstation that happens to tell a story within other stories.

This game tells the main story through various other stories from different disney movies such as Beauty and the Beast (shown in image above) and many more. 111 more words

Back into the fray with Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

This might be a little controversial but I preferred Kingdom Hearts 2 to the original Kingdom Hearts.

Bear with me while I run and hide from the abuse! 559 more words


Thoughts on Kingdom Hearts II (2005)

The minimum of 5 hours with each game almost isn’t enough to get you to the actual game in this case. While the first game had a quickly-paced tutorial in a mysterious, dark, dream-like place, KH2’s tutorial takes place in a sort of prequel episode. 1,039 more words