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Karchev the Terrible

BIG, RED, STOMPY, SLOW ROBOTS!  That’s what I initially think of when I think of Khador.  But we all know about Karchev and his spell Tow.   292 more words


Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed

The best of my experience is with Cryx.  But I started out looking at Khador.  Big, red, stompy robots was a very cool image that was presented to me by my play group. 303 more words


Written Review - High Command : WARMACHINE - Into The Breach

We were finally able to get our first opportunities to fine-tune our faction decks with the release of The Big Guns in December of 2013. Soon after in February of 2014, another pack was made available to further customize your decks – Into the Breach. 1,334 more words


Vlad3, the Dark Knight Rises!

Well folks, here’s Vlad3 done up in all his monochromatic glory for the Feat of Service silent auction!

Not much more to say really…What do y’all think? 22 more words