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Indian Pond Heron (Ardeola grayii)

Indian Pond Heron (Ardeola grayii)  is widespread resident in our range. It can be seen most of the water bodies including streams, rivers, village tanks, lakes. 22 more words

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Great Egret(Casmerodius albus)

Great Egret(Camerodius albus) are resident breeders in our region and they can been at Rivers, Ponds, Tanks and Reservoirs.

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Indian Nuthatch (Sitta castanea)

Indian Nuthatch (Sitta castanea) is a small bird with size about smaller than sparrow. They can be seen at Deciduous forest of hills and grooves. They can seen on trees in moving in downward direction ,head pointing down. 7 more words

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Indian Spotted Eagle (Aquila hastata)

This photo was taken near Khajrana, Indore, MP(in October 2012)

Indian Spotted Eagle (Aquila hastata) : Indian Spotted Eagles are resident breeders in our range. They are placed in “VU” category of IUCN, according to Birds of Indian Subcontinent(Grimmet & Inskipp), our area is the former range of this Eagle with no recent record. 14 more words

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Common Kestrel(Falco tinnunculus)

Common Kestrel((Falco tinnunculus) are winter visitors in our region can be seen at Cultivation, Fields and around Rocky Hills.  They can also be seen hovering over fields in search of prey. 10 more words

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Common Teal(Anas crecca)

Common Teal(Anas crecca) are winter visitors in the region seen around ponds, lakes and tanks. They arrived in September/October each year.  This photo was taken at a village pond near Kanadia, about 10 kms from Khajrana.

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