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#T5W: 5 Books I Finally Want to Read in 2017

Sometimes my procrastination gets so severe that I put off reading books that I actually want to read. One of my resolutions (for next year, of course) 447 more words

A Thousand Splendid Suns

[Book's Corner] Review "Người đua diều" - Khaled Hosseini

Mình biết tới cuốn sách này thông qua một người bạn của mình. Lúc đầu, mình có hơi e ngại một chút không thực sự hứng thú với văn hóa Trung đông và ngặt nỗi là mình đặc biệt kém nhớ tên, mà tên của những nhân vật trong cuốn sách lại rất khó nhớ, nên thành thử ra là để mình đến được với cuốn sách này và để đi được từ trang đầu đến trang cuối, khóc cười cùng cuốn sách thực sự là điều thần kì đối với mình. 340 more words

Corners Of Views

Who's Who: Khaled Hosseini

“Everyone is an ocean inside. Every individual walking the street. Everyone is a universe of thoughts, and insights, and feelings. But every person is crippled in his or her own way by our inability to truly present ourselves to the world.” -Khaled Hosseini… 361 more words


"For you, a thousand times over" -The Kite Runner

Have you ever met someone who you would do something for “a thousand times over”? I have a deep love for this quote and for the intimacy and loyalty it presents, especially given the context of  1,546 more words


The Kite Runner

This is the review from my 30 books reading challenge, it is quite long so I think it’s better to put it in here.

The kite runner, one the best books I have read so far, there are tons of things that you can learn from it. 1,087 more words


The Kite Runner: Khaled Hosseini

I have a friend who has been harking on at me for a good year to read anything by Khaled Hosseini. It has been on the To Do List for ages now – whilst on holiday I actually had a period to sit down and read and thought I would give… 304 more words