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Old Street GW#2: "Baker Sweats vs Hasselbaink Rovers!"

Action from the second round of games in the 2017 Old Street Thursday Night Winter League!

Monotonous Material

Dubai Police Will Begin Flying the Skies on Hoverbikes

Dubai has for a while now been a place that’s always striving to the future in terms of technological advancement. With Dubai’s completion of the… 252 more words


Gilbert Arenas and Some No-Name Woman Mia Khalifa are Starting a Sports Show

“The first time Gilbert Arenas and Mia Khalifa met together with the producers of their new sports talk show, they alighted on the same question. 562 more words


A Brief Update on Syria

Two of these people are about to lose a war that they started over sectarianism and imperialism.

I’ll let you guess which two.


Another face in the crowd

As I write this, it’s been six months since I upped sticks and left the home comforts of Liverpool for the unknown in Doha. I guess my Grandad was right about time going quicker the older you get… 1,308 more words