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The Khan is in Tibet/Samyaksambuddha

‘brug banner

zing skya scales

grinning and bald

under the hooves of small horses

The Khan of all

between the two oceans


Mara bleeds into my eyes and… 105 more words


Historical FIgure - Subutai

(forgot I wrote this a year or two ago. Still makes me laugh)

Ok internet time for a history lesson. Now I just found out about this guy today and if i get anything wrong i apologize. 520 more words


Leonard Nimoy has passed Today. I was stopped in my tracks at the news, and so was the barista in front of me. SUCKS. Here are some thoughts.. 8 more words


Khăn choàng cổ 2 màu (KQHQ-001)

Màu: màu vàng đất có màu gần giống màu nâu

Chất liệu: cotton 

Kích thước: dài khoảng 0.5m 

Xuất xứ: Hàn Quốc

Giá: 85.000 VNĐ/ 1 cái

Hàng Hàn Quốc

Shipyards Re-Development Update: Major Plans and Major Concessions

JAX Jaguars Shad Khan has big plans for the 48-acre former Shipyards site that fronts the St. Johns River downtown, with 1MSF of office space, 100k SF of commercial space, 662 residential units, 350 hotel rooms and 525 marina slips, but it all comes at a cost:  a local TIF (tax increment funding) for the site, possibly state and federal funding for the project, city-paid construction of mooring space for the USS Adams, and the city to foot the bill for up to $35M in environmental cleanup of the site, and if it exceeds that amount, Khan can terminate the agreement.  27 more words