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Review : Star Trek 2 (1982/PG) vs Star Trek 12 (2013/PG-13)

The Wrath of Khan is overrated, Nicholas Meyer didn’t save Star Trek, and Harve Bennett only spent less money to make Paramount more money! There we said it and we feel so much better about everything. 524 more words

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Khan Academy

Another favorite site of mine is https://www.khanacademy.org. This site has been very valuable to me in my studies through school. It is a free educational website that allows you to watch embedded educational Youtube videos and take tests on the content you watched. 30 more words

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Thanks to 22tracks.com I found this gem. It’s actually in the gems section of the website, by the way.


Marco Polo Season 1 Review

Nín hǎo readers, Reviewer of Steel here with a new Netflix Original show review. Today it will be season one of Marco Polo because Daredevil came out today of these reviews release. 885 more words

(Delayed) Reaction 'Return to Rochester & Strood'

Sunday Politics South East: 1st March

In the studio is Mark Reckless (former Conservative councillor and then MP, then UKIP MP, now UKIP PPC), Craig Mackinley… 753 more words


The best online resources to learn to code

Programming is at its best peak these years, and programmers are required In every company, big or small. Whether it’s for the looks of their website, some product they’re offering or just a regular tech-repair guy, knowing to code is required. 481 more words