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Orientation Week!

Saw-wat-dee-ka! My first week in Thailand has been jam-packed with activities. Hence why I haven’t been able to post until now. My days are starting to blur together, but they all followed the same schedule- orientation during the day and exploring the surroundings at night (and early in the mornings when I felt up to it). 886 more words


Goodbye SE Asia, Hello Taiwan

The next few days after blowing it up were relatively respectable, relative to the previous couple months of this trip that is, and exceptional that they occurred in such close proximity to Khaosan Road. 2,088 more words

3. SEA

Wat Arun & Beer festival

Every morning was pretty much the same pattern. Andre wakes up early and go out for a quick stride and comes back with fresh fruits in plastic bag to share with us. 1,428 more words


Third day in Bkk

So we’ve been to the central bkk and now it’s time to visit some tourist attractions. We headed out to the big road to catch a tuktuk again. 1,119 more words


This! is! Khao San!!!!

In general, Andre and I are early birds but Peter is a sleeplover. Andre went outside by himself, probably smoking and walking around. He came back with a fruit bag. 1,849 more words


Not-really-first-time first time to Bangkok

Whenever I tell tales about this trip to Thailand to people, I always don’t know whether I should say this is my first time or second time. 1,709 more words


The Beginning of the SE Asia Chronicles

Day 1: The Beginning

And so it begins! Welcome to my Southeast Asia Chronicles, part one: Thailand. 4 airports, 3 days, and 2 girls later….Bri and I finally made it to our first destination, Bangkok, to start our 2.5 month journey through Southeast Asia. 581 more words