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Abandoned Tank Graveyard, Kharkiv Ukraine

Ukrainian Babushka’s are infamous for their hospitality. Once you get past the often frosty exterior (remember, the KGB was a very real thing in Ukraine not that long ago) they will feed you. 749 more words


Life Update : Moving to another country ?

Hello beautiful people !

It has been a while since I last posted ! These past few months have been like a roller coaster ride for me . 555 more words


1943 Battle of Kharkov footage

And to change the topic from the modern amour – I have seen number of photographs from the Battles of Kharkov, but still have found this footage most interesting. 13 more words


Beautiful Russian-Soviet Song Flash Mobs Unite Russians and Ukrainians Against Kiev Junta Hatred

Since 2014 Kiev junta banned Russian language during school classes. Now every teacher is mandated to speak only Ukrainian in class, and so are students. In 2014 and 2015 the historic symbolism uniting Russia and Ukraine was banned. 851 more words