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Urgent Statement of the Kharkov Partizans re. False Flag Terrorist Act

22nd February 2015, city of Kharkov (North-East Ukraine), the Kiev regime occupied Kharkov Republic
URGENT STATEMENT OF THE KHARKOV PARTISANS re. the false flag terrorist act that claimed 2 lives, with 16 wounded, at the pro-ATO/ pro-junta rally. 511 more words


Odessa massacre coordinator killed in Kharkov terrorist attack

Posted on Fort Russ

February 23, 2015

IPolk (Internet Militia)

Translated by Kristina Rus

“No Condolences”

“Internet militia” reports: Kharkov explosion during Maidan anniversary march on February 22 killed the coordinator of Kharkov Maidan, who brought the football fans of “Metallist” to burn people in Odessa Trade Unions building on May 2, 2014. 413 more words

Junta Pigs Launched Repressions in Kharkov Oblast in the Wake of Their Provocation Today


Junta member A V Turdchinov announced the start of repressions in Kharkov, placing the city under martial law, saying, “In connection with the attack that took place in Kharkov, during which, according to preliminary data, one policeman died and five more police and civilians suffered injuries, we activated the highest level of terror alert (sic) and initiated an anti-terrorist operation”. 231 more words


Spot report by Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, 22 February 2015: explosion in Kharkiv at march commemorating February 2014 pro-Maidan events

This report is for the media and general public.

On 22 February 2015 at 13:15hrs, an explosion occurred at a pro-Maidan march commemorating the anniversary of February 2014 events in Kharkiv (during which three people died in demonstrations), outside the Palace of Sports on Marshal Zhukova Street (7km east of the city centre). 241 more words


Statement of Kharkov Partizans Identifying Bomb Attack on Pro-Junta March as Junta Provocation

THIS is what the junta and its Anglo American sugar daddies do in Kharkov… this is more of the same. However, take heart, only the terminally stupid will take the junta provocation at face value. 167 more words


Provocation in Kharkov


I’m not in vain last days wrote that a temporary truce may occur if the junta to stop the shelling and will not be bloody provocations in order to maintain low-intensity fighting. 623 more words


Three Killed in Explosion at Pro-Maidan Rally in Ukraine's Kharkiv

An explosion in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv has reportedly killed three people during a 500-strong rally on the anniversary of Maidan protests.

Three have reportedly been killed and more than 10 injured in an explosion in Ukraine’s second-largest city of Kharkiv during a march on the one-year anniversary of Maidan protests Sunday, Ukrainian Hromadske TV Channel reports citing eyewitnesses. 259 more words