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Khat Thuluth

الجمعية لشؤون المدارس الدينية بولاية قدح

Khat Thuluth

Khat /'Miraa' wine takes Nairobi by Storm

Was the Miraa ban – A drug war or a financial war!?

Like ALL things man tries to manipulate to control, it just acts like a catalyst to bigger hidden possibilities that weren’t apparent earlier that catapult the item being subdued into something much BiGGer with even a wider market base plus distribution network! 122 more words



इक ख़त कमीज़ में उसके नाम का क्या रखा,
क़रीब से गुज़रा हर शख्स पूछता है कौन सा इत्र है जनाब।।


Following the Khat Route to Harar

Exiting the Dire Dawa airport required some waiting, as it is an international one, and our passports needed to be checked for visas. Manually. By only one person. 320 more words


Khat dan Pitis tak dapat di pisahkan

Menatap pitis menenagkan jiwa, menghayati ukiran khatnya yang begitu indah. Itulah antara penyebab mulanya kami dalam bidang numismatik Pitis Kesultanan.

Penggunaan khat pada matawang memberi bukti yang jelas bahawa Islam telah tersebar ke Tanah Melayu lebih awal lagi. 44 more words


What you need to know about What is Khat ?

A.S.K FactSheet KHT/20

Do you need Advice, Help & Support. Maybe you have a  Question that needs answering Such as?:

What is khat? 

Khat is a leafy green plant containing two main stimulant drugs which speed up your mind and body.  846 more words


Yemen: The First Country to Run Out of Water

As Yemen is ravaged by civil war could water be the spark that ignited the flame of unrest and could the lack of water make the situation worse? 451 more words

Oceans And Water