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Somalia: Using Khat As Trade And Political Leverage

By Bashir Goth

“When you chew Khat, you are on the top of the planet, but after you spit it out, the planet is on the top of you” – A Somali saying. 1,241 more words


तेरी खुशबू...मैं भुलाता कैसे...(fragrance of a beloved )

My inspiration…the famous Jagjit Ji gazal by Rajendranath Nath Rahbar…Tere Khushboo main base khat…


The rise, fall, then grudging acceptance of khat, East Africa's controversial stimulant

In 2014 the UK banned khat, the stimulant stems and leaves of the tree Catha edulis. In Kenya it is more commonly known as… 1,329 more words

राहुल गांधी की यात्रा से कांग्रेस कार्यकर्ता और जनता कंफ्यूज, मुस्लिम ने पूछा- किसान यात्रा में बुनकर के लिए क्‍या है?

You’re Confuse Because #pappu is Still Conused…that’s Why Khat Pe Charcha is going to flop #KhatPeCharcha

लोगों को संदेह है कि इस यात्रा का फोकस क्‍या वाकई में किसान है। क्‍योंकि राहुल गांधी के भाषणों में किसानों के जरिए प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी पर हमला बोला गया है। 10 more words


Somalia’s ban on flights importing the popular narcotic khat from Kenya appears to be holding up in the capital, Mogadishu, although a region to the north is defying the ban. 845 more words


Somalia's Ban On Kenyan Khat Drug Import Linked To Kenyan Politician's Visit To Somaliland

Somalia accused Kenyan politician of using khat business to campaign for the break up of the country 573 more words


Why Somalia Suspended Kenya's Miraa Planes

By Adow Mohamed 

Somalia temporarily banned Kenya’s miraa planes from its airspace after intelligence reports that al Shabaab terrorists were likely to attack its busiest airport. 333 more words