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Khat saudara amir , syukran jazilan semoga beliau di murahkan rezeki

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Harar is a magical gem; a walled enclave of colorful Muslim peoples in Eastern Ethiopia. It overwhelms the senses with color and the wafting scent of spices and animals. 351 more words


Rod Nordland: Persecution Defines Life for Yemen’s Remaining Jews

New York Times: About all that remain of Yemen’s ancient and once vibrant Jewish community are untended cemeteries, dramatic hillside ghetto villages of thousand-year-old stone houses and a few people like Abraham Jacob and his extended family. 95 more words


खत - the story of an evening

आज इक बहुत अनोखी बात हुई
शाम तलक इक खत आया |
पढ़ा जब हमने खत खोलकर
कहीं लिखा ना हमने नाम पता पाया |
लिखी थी कुछ उर्दू लफ्ज़ मे बातें
आख़िरी पन्ने पे बस इक दस्तख़त पाया |

अंजान थे हम भेजने वाले से
तो हमने दिल को ये समझाया |
होगा कोई तेरा चाहने वाला
कहकर हमने खुदको फुसलाया   |

उर्दू लफ़्ज़ों से इस अंज़ाम पे आए
की उसकी ज़बान है अपनी पहचान की |
ज़िक्र मेरा कई जगह था उस खत पर
ज़रूरत थी अब उसके नाम की |

खत पे नाम तो लिखा होता ए अज़ीज़
पता लगता आरज़ू-ए-पैगाम भी |
आँखें बंद कर सोए कुछ यूँ
की सुबह तलक एहसास बाकी थी
जूसतज़ू-ए-नाम की |


Reading about Djibouti


My #1 impression of Djibouti. On-line or in a book, it’s a word that came up in every single thing I read about the country. 330 more words


War On Drugs Targets Immigrants For Chewing The Traditional Plant ‘Khat’

Three Maasai men sit near the back of an open-air restaurant and nightclub outside Bisil, Kenya, a small town about 100 kilometers south of Nairobi. A pile of small leafy sticks rests on the table in front of them. 120 more words


Tune your focus. Witness the beauty.

Join us in our Arabic Calligraphy Basic Course!

We are running it again for the coming January 2015 for enriching weekend sessions!

Participants will learn the alphabetic fundamentals of the Classical Nasakh Script, which is one of the important foundations to the other grand classical family scripts. 370 more words

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