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There's no business like khat business

After a while in Ethiopia, you’ll notice khat is everywhere. At first you might spot the teenager boys along the roads, holding plastic bags filled with green leaves, hoping that the minibus, car or truck drivers will stop and do business with them. 665 more words


The Taxi-Brousse: Our Initiation

How does a taxi-brousse travel so fast, but arrive so slowly? That is what was going through our minds as we hurtled at breakneck speed towards Mahamasina, the tiny town that is the gateway to Ankarana Special Reserve in the north of Madagascar.  1,313 more words


Working with Scottish Somali communities around the drug Khat

Fast Forward has been working in partnership with the Somali Association in Glasgow and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde on the issue of khat, a psychoactive substance that grows naturally in many parts of the world, and one which has recently become illegal. 262 more words

Substance Misuse

आईने मे सूरत बदलते

जो कभी ज़िंदा साबूत थे
आज कहीं दफ़्न ताबूत हैं |
जो खड़े थे कभी वक़्त के इनाम बन कर
आज रह गये हैं इतिहास मे नाम बन कर |

क्या देखा है कभी
यूँ इतिहास मे हर हक़ीक़त बदलते |
क्या देखा है कभी
आईने मे सूरत बदलते |



Artcalligrafia is an impression on the art of arabic calligraphy especially for the Thuluth, Naskh and Req’a calligraphy lover, which was born from outburst and movement, ignite from the hearts and mind and translated to the real world. 142 more words

Arabic Calligraphy

Khat, Cathinones & Culture: A Continuing Story

In many cultures around the world, drugs are primarily consumed not by smoking or snorting, but chewing. Coca leaves in Latin America, Betel in Asia, and Khat in the Middle East and Africa. 308 more words

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

I want to kiss you.

4h chiều thứ 5. Một ngày rối ren với hàng loạt chứng từ và nghẹt trong câu chữ. Đột nhiên hôn, lẹ, ngay và luôn. 126 more words