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Why I Play A Female Character

A legendary video game character near and dear to my heart is getting a sequel! While my Tweeps are going crazy over me posting about… 403 more words


comfort in a fantasy place.

WARNING: More SWTOR Sith Sorcerer spoilers!

Just yesterday I said that my Sith would gladly give her life for Khem. & today, she showed that she was as protective of him as he was her. 198 more words

G Is For Games.

to decode a Sith.

WARNING: If you have ANY intention of leveling a Sith Inquistor or is in the process of doing so, do not continue to read this post. 261 more words

G Is For Games.

Making Friends with Khem Val

When Khem Val and I were first thrown together by fate, we got off to a bit of a rocky start. At every convenient juncture, he made sure to let me know just how dissatisfied he was at being requested to do my bidding. 278 more words


Sith Inquisitor - Khem Val Companion Fight

I finally got around to playing on my Sith Inquisitor yesterday after having played my Bounty Hunter to level 33, and playing a short stint on my Sith Warrior (level 20).  343 more words


Inquisitor Companions: What You Need to Know

Please Note: If you do not wish to know anything at all about your Inquisitor’s companions prior to them joining you in game, stop and please head to another page. 805 more words

Crew Skills